Russian woman

10 red flags that kill your chances with woman

If you’ve been hanging out on some Russian dating website and are looking for sexy Russian ladies for dating, know this: before you initiate a new relationship, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble if you know the 10 red flags that kill your chances with the Russian woman of your dreams.

Russian girl1.Russian women hate it when you’re too tired or too busy to make plans.

Unless you treat your Russian girl as a booty call, let her know that you’re serious about your relationship and have big plans for her. Every time you say you’re too busy to make plans for your future increases the risk she’ll dump you.

2.Don’t make her the one who asks you out on dates.

Although she may be a strong Russian woman, it doesn’t mean she must initiate your dates all the time. Any girl cares about the things men and women have evolved through centuries to do, and being the dominant side is what’s expected from men.

3.Don’t be her ‘smart-phone boyfriend’.

It’s a major turn off for women when a guy acts all manly and buff via text messaging, Russian dating site chats and phone calls, but is a complete mess and a downer in real life. Nobody needs a ‘smart-phone hero’. If you can be all tough in real life, don’t act like a real deal via online communication.

4.If she texts you, respond ASAP.

Don’t take several hours or days to respond to a text from a female Russian you’re interested in. It’s a major red flag when a woman sees the man she’s interested in ignore her while he has clearly seen that text but didn’t respond to it.

5. Don’t be the sex-messaging boyfriend.

There is nothing attractive about a man who is down to sexting but is lazy to the traditional non-sexual testing. While sexting is super fun, you need to pay attention to the non-sexual messaging as well, to make her certain that you’re serious about your relationship.

6.Don’t lie that you haven’t seen a text.

It’s pathetic to hear a man lie (especially if it happens for the 10th time in one week) about not having seen a text. It’s far better to text your girlfriend back, saying that you’re currently busy and will respond later than to ignore her for hours.

female Russian7.Lies are a huge red flag.

Every man wants to look smarter, cooler, hotter or whatever, in the eyes of beautiful girl in Russian, which is why they tend to lie. And that’s why you often encounter super successful people (judging by their profiles on dates sites in Russia) who are nothing in reality.

8.You never pay for anything.

Being a man comes at a price, and that price is paying for your girlfriend. It’s nice when a man asks you out on a date, but no matter how charming he was during that date, the moment he asks you to pay half (or worse, the entire sum) at the restaurant, it comes as a huge red flag and a turn off.

9.You don’t shower regularly.

Trust us when we say this: women know it (read: smell it) when their men haven’t showered in the last 24 hours. So take a good care of your hygiene, as you don’t want a bad smell to serve as a red flag for the girl you’re interested in.

10.If you don’t ask questions, it could be a problem.

Women need to feel interesting, which is why you not asking questions is a major problem for your relationship. If she tells you a story of how her day went, ask her additional questions. Make yourself curious.