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10 Ways to Surprise Asian Girls on Valentine’s Day

Let’s have a show of hands for those who want to be the HAPPY COUPLE!  We’d like to play Cupid for you, and that’s why we’re giving you more than a couple of tips on how to please Asian girls come Valentine’s Day. These tips will make the moment special and they’ll treat your Chinese lady to a pleasant surprise!

1. Be in the mood to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Even if you’ve been out on dates before, surprise her by acting as though you’re meeting Chinese girl of your dreams for the very first time. When people go out on first dates, they act shy. They act silly. They have every reason to feel romantic, just because…

2. If you’re out to surprise her, leave a trail of messages. A cute note could show her where to find a pretty dress and then lead her to a lovely table set for two.Valentine’s Day

3. Because Asian girls love nature and flowers, you could also leave a trail of petals. Make this your way of showing just how much you truly adore her!

4. If you’re planning a date with Chinese girl, surprise here with a Valentine’s card. Let it say what’s in your heart. Since not many men write cards these days, it would be nice for her to know exactly how you feel.

5. Given the occasion, would you like to be extra-creative? Instead of just one card, prepare a layers of cards arranged from biggest to smallest. Every letter she open will lead to another, thus, increasing her excitement at what your final message will be.

date with Chinese girl6. Now would be a good time to tell her you love her. Other than through cards and letters, you can write it on paper hearts and cut-out figures. In whatever way you choose to decorate your words, it’s the words that will count and deliver your message.

7. Because you already met on a China free dating site, it’s not enough that you meet online (again). If you really want to please her, then focus on this special day. Don’t date her with your eyes wandering off to the report you’re working on or to another conversation you’re having on your phone. Instead, prepare something fancy.

8. As to where to meet Chinese girls on a Valentine’s date, you could set it at a restaurant of your choice. Better yet, there’s another alternative to dining out in public. Make reservations for a candle-lit dinner where it’s more intimate and private.

Chinese ladies waiting9. Know your plans ahead of time. The nature of dominant Chinese women is that they’d like to know what your plans are and how suitable these will be. More importantly, they’d also like to know if the place is reputable and appropriate for the occasion.

10. Don’t bungle it. Don’t surprise her (unpleasantly at that) by showing up late. Be on time! It’s not proper to keep Chinese ladies waiting when out on a date with them. So, make it a point to be punctual. Show up at the venue ahead of time and ahead of her. This will certainly make a good impression.

These are only some of the ways on how to date Chinese girls, but we’re pretty sure you can come up with your own ingenuous ideas. Since your goal is to surprise, take your love for Asian girls to different heights and don’t set limits. Take it from Cupid that you have every right to be playful and romantic! After all, it’s going to be quite a date this Valentine’s Day.single women online