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20 Insanely Manly Life Tips

Did you know that beautiful chinese sexy girls love manly men? Well, now you do.

If you want to find a girlfriend or wife on online dating websites, you can easily raise your dating chances by becoming manlier with the following 20 insanely manly life tips – all while looking at images chinese women online!

Manliness is not only about helping beautiful chinese women carry heavy bags and doing all the heavy work at home, as manliness is viewed by china gurls as more than just that.

beautiful chinese women

By adopting the following 20 unwritten and unspoken insanely manly life tips as your everyday habits, you not only get to up your dating game, but also get this china girls sexy picture you’ve been staring at to actually dampen her panties because of your manliness!

  1. Get a wallet, because that’s sexy and manly. Getting your credit card or cash out of your pockets looks too boyish. You’re a MAN after all.
  2. Speaking of cash… Always pay with cash, because only confident and secure men carry all that cash around.
  3. Remember names. Even the name of that video chinese girl you had fun with in Live Video chat months on online dating website months ago.
  4. If you see images chinese women online and scared to make the move and initiate a conversation, you’re doing something wrong. Online dating is about having balls to get the chinese girls that you want!
  5. Look after your facial hair. If a beard suits you, grow a beard – that’s sexy and manly especially if you’re seeking arrangement china and looking for beautiful chinese sexy girls. Chinese girls love men with beards, because most Asian men are usually unable to grow facial hair.
  6. Get a haircut. The shorter the hair, the manlier you look and the less time you need to spend every day to maintain short hair. However, beautiful chinese women don’t mind men with longer hair, as most handsome guys in the Chinese entertainment industry sport longer hair.
  7. Be the last one to sit down – no matter whether it’s a romantic date or meeting your parents. Manly men know how to show respect.chinese girls
  8. Read more. Read more books and educational articles on the Internet as beautiful chinese sexy girls love smart guys. Here’s an idea for an article to look up: the difference between japanese and chinese women. If you truly want to get a Chinese girl, you might want to never confuse her with Japanese, as most Chinese women find it offensive and disrespectful.
  9. Make eye contact and maintain it when speaking and listening. Show some dominance in a conversation – the same goes for online dating Live Video Chats.
  10. Never drink alone and know when enough is enough. Getting drunk is never manly or sexy. That’s rather pathetic.
  11. Exercise every day, as china gurls seem to love big, muscular men beside them – this way chinese girls get to feel even smaller and more petite.
  12. Talk slower and be more silent. If you want to show that you’re in control of a conversation, talk slower, maintain eye contact and be more silent. Choose your words carefully to show your dominance.
  13. Pay off your debt ASAP, as that china girls sexy picture you’ve been staring at on online dating website is probably looking for a financially-stable man to start a family.
  14. Don’t fear speaking in public, as nothing makes a man look more pathetic than seeing him get nervous while speaking in front of a crowd of people. The same goes for online dating Live Video Chat – just because you’re having video chinese girl doesn’t mean you need to sweat. Chill out, china gurls don’t bite!
  15. Always keep your promises. It’s a big disappointment for beautiful chinese sexy girls to see a man failing to keep his promises. If you can’t keep a promise, don’t make it in the first place.
  16. Give your girlfriend or wife more flowers. That’s a sexy and manly thing to do. Don’t fear to give flowers to random girls on the streets – as this can be a pretty good way to start a conversation. As for online dating, try to impress your Chinese lady by ordering a flower delivery straight to her doorstep.
  17. Think and listen more, act less. Don’t be that guy that acts recklessly. That’s no good way to impress chinese girls.
  18. Smile more – nothing makes a man look more confident and sexy than a sincere smile on his face. However, don’t smile all the time, as you risk being seen as a clown. Bonus tip: have at least one photo on your online dating profile that shows you smiling.
  19. Talk to your mom more often. Call your mom more often and always care for her. It’s very manly and sexy to see a man love his mother. That makes him a better man.
  20. Have goals and enjoy your life. Live in the present, but plan for the future, have backup plans and make sure you’re doing everything to build the future you want. But don’t forget to live in the present and enjoy your life. You only live once after all.

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