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3 Mature Vietnamese Women That Still Got It

If you’re looking for mature hot vietnamese or thai ladys over 30, we have two good news for you.

First, there are plenty of mature single asian ladies on iDateAsia, and second, each and every one of them is a goddess!

In the age when 35 year old woman porn is gaining popularity and asian women looking for men on online dating websites, mature women have become in great demand.

hot vietnameseAva, 30

This petite, mature hot vietnamese lady is the epitome of sexiness, grace and class. At the age of 30, Ava has never been married and has no kids, yet this beautiful asian lady still got what it takes to be desired by men in their 20s, 30s, 40s and so on…

Ava is a bachelor who works as a teacher. And yes, we know what you’re thinking right now “Please take me back to my high school years and let Ava be my hot teacher!”

Well, no need to be go back in time in order to be with this vietnamese woman dating her is possible right now, right here!

Ava, who speaks good English, is a nonsmoker who never drinks; she makes sure she stays active and is certainly a fascinating person to be talking to.

Ava is passionate about traveling and reading, and she says she is not one of those single asian ladies that are looking for rich and good-looking guys. All Ava is looking for in her ideal man – she says – is a ‘warm and honest heart’.

Ava is one of many asian women looking for men on iDateAsia who haven’t found their true love yet. So if you’re interested in marrying vietnamese girl, Ava might be that very lucky girl!

hot vietnamese

Candy, 33

Candy is a gorgeous mature Vietnamese lady who doesn’t look her age. Having the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, this hot vietnamese woman has never been married and has no children.

Candy, who has stunning eyes and a cute smile, describes herself as an easy-going girl with a kind, helpful heart.

Candy is certainly waiting for you to visit Vietnam to meet her. In fact, this beautiful asian lady will show you around and will be your personal guider!

Candy is a nonsmoker and never drinks, yet she’s a fun lady to be around. In the age when 35 year old woman porn is popular around the world, Candy certainly attracts a lot of male attention on iDateAsia.

So hurry up and contact her – don’t let other guys steal this gorgeous Vietnamese woman from you.

Vietnamese woman

Jusmine, 39

If you’ve been browsing iDateAsia to find thai girl in her 20s and you’ve found Jusmine, don’t be surprised. This gorgeous Thai lady doesn’t look her age – like, at all!

Jusmine may be 39 years old, but she’s nonetheless a very desired lady among men on online dating.

Jusmine is a divorced single mother who’s looking to find a serious relationship. Jusmine is quite a versatile person, as she’s passionate about hiking, dancing, working out, traveling and reading!

While that certainly makes her a fun beautiful asian lady to be around, wait until you hear this: Jusmine loves cooking. Super wife material!

Jusmine is a nonsmoker, and she drinks only on occasion. Like many other thai ladys on iDateAsia, Jusmine speaks little English – but she’s certainly open to meeting a foreign man!

Message Jusmine ASAP and ask her out to watch a movie together, this hot Thai woman listed ‘Watching movies’ as one of her interests.

Besides, ‘Dining out’ is also on the list, so asking her out on a dinner with alcohol beverages and then seeing a film later could be the ideal journey to Jusmine’s heart! Start your journey now by messaging this gorgeous lady!