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3 Mind-Blowing Reasons to Date Some Colombian Women Who Challenge You

If you want to marry Colombian women, it’s only natural to be looking for a beauty Latina girl who’d share your views, interests and hobbies.

But how about changing your game at Colombian dating sites entirely? How about flipping your dating life upside down?

There are plenty of reasons to date someone who challenges you, who pushes you to new limits, who shows you a whole new world.

And once you know those reasons, the idea of dating a Colombian Latin girl who is nothing like you becomes more exciting and alluring.

A Life Full of Fights and Arguments? Not Necessarily

A lot of men who are trying to meet Colombian girls think that if a girl is not your mirror image, you’d have an unhappy relationship full of fights, arguing and constant blaming.

While it’s true that couples who challenge each other don’t exactly have the smoothest and argument-free relationships, think about this: even couples who’re 100% identical in their views, backgrounds or interests fight.

Instead of thinking that dating a beauty Latina girl will be a purely negative thing, why don’t you look at the benefits of dating someone who challenges you?

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Reason #1: Experience New Things

Dating someone whose lifestyle is the complete opposite of yours will help you experience new things.

If you sign up on Colombian women dating websites and start looking for women who’d become your twin, there will be little too boring.

We, as humans, have to experience new things in order to grow. If your life becomes a routine and you’re not pushing yourself to new limits, you’re not making progress. In fact, you stall the progress.

Dating someone who challenges you can actually enhance your life by bringing new experience into your daily routine.

Think: starting to go to Church every Sunday if your partner is religious — or visiting new countries if your partner goes on business trips abroad — or learning to scuba dive if your partner is passionate about it.

Reason #2: You Become a Better Man

While many think that dating a girl who’d do everything you say or laugh at any of your joke can boost your self-esteem, it’s actually not that true.

When you date a person who opposes you and doesn’t understand your sense of humor, you start seeing that there’s much more beyond your ‘zone of comfort’.

Staying in that zone of comfort can be soft and snuggle, but getting out of that zone can actually make you become a better man, hence and more confident one.

The strongest men are made in relationships with women who don’t exactly have identical views and personalities.

There are plenty of Colombian women seeking foreign men who’d follow your lead blindly, but why not find a Colombian Latin woman who’d make you step out of your comfy zone?

Dating a person who challenges you – and possibly drives you a little crazy – makes you stronger as a person.

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Reason #3: You Get to Overcome Your Weaknesses

As I’ve mentioned above, dating someone who’s your soul mate is comfortable.

But we all have weaknesses that we’d like to overcome one day – or at least try to overcome. However, most of us lack courage or motivation to patch up those weaknesses.

It’s easy to fall in love with a woman seeking men in a single ladies chat who’d have similar weaknesses and strengths.

But sharing those weaknesses will never help either of you overcome them, even if you combine your efforts. If you’re dating a person who has strengths where you have weaknesses, on the other hand, can get you far.

If you’re generally a lazy person to do anything, for example fitness, you may want to marry Colombian women who’d be motivated and energetic about doing things (fitness, in that case).

If you’re an introvert who’d love to become more extroverted one day, you’ll never become socially confident and easygoing if you’re looking for an introverted partner just like you.

Instead, look for an extrovert who’d show you their world, and you’ll have the opportunity to not only show them your world, but also learn from their world.

If you’ve never had a thing for traveling, find a Colombian Latin girl who’s passionate about traveling and let her immerse you into her world.

If you’re a sloppy and forgetful person, find a meticulous girl who’d always remind you to take your credit card back when you stop using the ATM or remind you of your relatives’ birthdays.