Chinese wife

4 Myths and Truths about Dating Asian Women

If you’re interested in dating Chinese ladies, there are certain myths and facts that you need to get straight before actually approaching an Asian girl on some international dating service.

Let’s start with the myths.

You can boss around an Asian woman

It’s a wide-spread myth, which leads many foreign men to think that hot China women make good wives for the reason that they are submissive and always agree to do things around the house. While submissive types of women exist in every nation, Asian women in general stand up for themselves and have a high level of self-respect. That’s why if you’re looking for a toy in a woman, go look somewhere else.

Chinese ladiesAsian women are not picky

Another myth goes that Chinese girls are easy to get, and when it comes to choosing a man, they are not picky at all. Well, that’s a myth. As mentioned earlier, Asian women have lots of self-respect, which means they won’t jump at just any men who shows up with a promise to buy her a ticket out of her country. Just like with any women, you’ll have to work hard to win over her interest.

Asian women are all cute and sweet

Many people also wrongfully believe that if a girl is Chinese, she must be all sweet and cute and innocent. While pretty Chinese girls are generally tender and sweet creatures, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never encounter mean types of Asian women. So don’t think that if a woman is Asian, she is obliged to be sweet by nature.

All Asian women care about is money

Another wide-spread myth that is applied to pretty much all Asian women. People wrongfully believe that Asian dating exists only for one reason: for poor Asian girls to find rich foreigners. And while such types of women indeed exist in Asia, Chinese girls in general care about the person, rather than his money. So if you want to get an Asian woman on some international dating website, be sure that you’ll have more chances to interest her as a person, rather than as a walking wallet.

Now, let’s get your facts about Asian women straight.

Asian women are tolerant

Sexy young Chinese girls, and Asian women in general, are very feminine and tolerant. Asian women tend to resolve conflicts with tolerance and understanding, rather than be guided by their emotions.

Chinese wifeAsian women are sexy

There is no doubt about that. Asian women all have slimmer smaller frames and more petite bodies compared to women of other nationalities. In fact, if you’re looking for a hot Chinese lady, you’ll have no problem since there is a great number of attractive Asian women on dating services.

Asian women have unconditional love for their family

That’s true. Asian women place great importance in family relationships and relationships in general. So if you’re looking for an Asian woman for dating, be sure that she’ll be faithful and loyal to you.

Asian women are well-organized

Having a Chinese wife means having a clean and well-organized household. Most Asian women make greatest wives in the world, which is what exactly foreigners are looking for: a beautiful wife who manages household.