Asian brides


They say harmonious living is balancing direct opposites right, this means that everything in life has its good side and the not too good side. Even rose has thorns. I am yet to see one very thing that completely veers off this limit. Same applies to Asian brides. Getting married to Chinese sexy has its ups and downs too which you will have to contend with but if it I what keeps you awake at night, then it is a risk worth taking. Online dating is a dangerous game because people bring various motives into in and sadly enough, there is no way to read their body language which may be helpful to ascertain their true motive.

Chinese dateViewing from the upside, Asian girls (most of them want the simple things in life and nothing more. They are not as lavish as their counterparts from other parts of the world. You will see them dressed in simple attires without the huge chains around their necks and wrists and they still look gorgeous. This doesn’t mean they are not ambitious or lacks taste (there are so many Chinese women that are successful out there). They just know what is necessary and what is not. As a man living on a low income, you know what that kind of a woman means to your home.

Another point worthy of mention on the upside of having a Chinese date is that Asian ladies value honesty. If they have no reason to doubt you, they could be willing to follow you to the grave (literally). As part of the custom, these ladies are thought, to be honest and modest and will prefer to hurt you with truth than cream you with lies. We all know how lies hurts really bad in the long run.

Still on the upside, Chinese pretty women are caring to a fault. They are willing to starve to make sure their spouse is taken good care of. Even the way they will serve your meals on the table, do your laundries and still be strong enough to give you romantic cuddle under the cover of the blanket will make you wonder where they get their strengths from. A marriage with a Chinese lady simply means that you have secured your future and that of your kids because once you become a part of their family and there is any problem and you run back to them, they will welcome you with outstretched arms.

However, not all Chinese women looking for American men do so for the right reasons. Some of those Chinese Chinese pretty womenbeautiful women are only looking for someone to milk, sort of a living ATM. They hide under the cover of looking for a spouse to run their ‘business’. You hook them up and the next minute they are making outrageous demands from you. That is also their weak link and makes them an easy catch. The right girls will be more interested in getting to know you better rather than what they can get from you. It just costs you little attention to sieve them out.

Finally, having Chinese girlfriends is a different ball game from holding Chinese marriage. In the former nothing is at stake. You can leave any time you are tired but in the latter everything is. First you have to learn about their marriage custom and this can feel like repeating a class in high school. Also, you have to deal with the psychological point of view. Your family and friends may begin to see you as rich and this means you may not be able to get them to help you financially anymore.