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5 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Dating Profile That Hot Asian Girls Absolutely Hate

Yes, there are literally millions of hot Asian girls on online Chinese dating websites. And choosing the best one among so many hottest Chinese girls can be a tough experience.

And yes, you’ve initiated online chat with girls numerous times (and, for some reason, it failed).

But what if I tell you that I know the reason why Chinese ladies keep ignoring you or responding with little to no interest whatsoever? Better yet, what If I tell you that you can actually make Asian women want to initiate a chat with you (not the other way around)?

The key to becoming a handsome guy that attracts (or at least doesn’t repel) hot Asian girls is: stop making these 5 stupid mistakes in your dating profile.Hot Asian Girls,hottest Chinese girls,

Let’s kick-start your dating game by fixing the flaws in your online dating profile (and, if you do everything right, you won’t have to wait too long until hottest Chinese girls start messaging you).

Your dating profile bio

The first thing to fix in your dating profile is your bio. Revealing too much about yourself is a major turn off – and so is keeping it blank.

Find the happy medium and dating a Dominican Chinese woman will no longer be a pipe dream.

You may think that nobody is reading those bio descriptions on dating profile – everybody is looking at photos instead – but that’s just not true for Chinese single dating websites.

In fact, Chinese women pay a close attention to bios, as those seemingly unnecessary texts play a major role during the pre-selection stage of choosing the ideal foreigner.

Your pictures

Enough with those shirtless photos, seriously. Yes, beautiful Chinese girls appreciate it when a man works out and takes care of his physical appearance, but no need to shove it down the throat of every visitor of your dating profile.

Keep it humble and have photos that clearly show your facial features (your dating profile is no place to be mysterious). Also, if you want to meet local singles in China, no group pictures, seriously.

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Your honesty

You’ll be surprised how many men lie on their dating profiles in an attempt to score more points among Christian singles dating.

Believer it or not, sooner or later (in the online dating world, sooner) all lies come to the surface… and you end up looking stupid (and most likely, the girl will walk away from you the second she finds out you lied).

Honesty is crucial when it comes to dating, as nobody wants to be led on.

Your comments

Stay away from making any sexiest or otherwise disgusting comments about women in your dating profile. Even if your intention is to sound sarcastic – here’s the thing about sarcasm – not all people get it.

Also, writing things like, “I want to meet single women but only those who are hot!” is pretty offensive. Even the hottest Chinese girls – who clearly meet the criteria – will close your profile right away because you’re being mean.

Your profile overall

Are you a fan of posting photos of yourself and fancy cars? Or are you guilty of Photoshop your pictures to look like a Hollywood actor?

Well, making your life look way too perfect may actually have the opposite effect: it will turn Chinese women away.

No wonder why this is happening: how can an Asian girl know if she deserves you when your life looks so perfect (at least based on your dating profile)? So don’t be a fake.

You know what they say, “Be yourself.” Actually, scratch that: be a better version of yourself and make sure you fix these 5 mistakes you’re making on your dating profile.