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5 Questions to Ask Before You Marry the Chinese Girl of Your Dreams

The wackiest movies have made so much fun of it, because there’s nothing crazier for a couple than to go through the experience of planning their own wedding. True enough, a wedding doesn’t only showcase the beautiful Chinese girl you’re marrying and the best-dressed among the entourage. Quite a revelation, it could also possibly bring out the worst in two people.

Asian womenFor both the bride and groom, it’s a fact of life that preparing for marriage can prove to be pretty stressful! The pre-wedding preparations can put so much of a strain on your once idyllic world that something’s gotta give. Can these wedding jitters be avoided? What signs show that it won’t last with the hot Chinese lady you’re dating, and how do you not end up cold with another ill-fated romance for the books?

To help you make it last, here are 5 important questions you need to ask yourself before you marry the beautiful Chinese girl of your dreams:

1. Are you rushing into getting married? Have you two just met on a Chinese chat and decided that you’ve finally met the soulmate of your dreams? Are you not even 60 days into the courtship, and you’ve already made up your mind that she’s the one?

Before you hear those wedding bells ringing, it helps to heed some good, sound advice. Wedding experts say that you at least have to spend a year together of being engaged in order to get to know each other well. Clearly, there’s more to the girl you’re marrying than the lovely Chinese girl picture you’ve seen online or the compatibility matches you’ve made on the best online dating sites.

2. How well do you know each other? The goal of popular dating sites like ours is to give you all the time and space in the world to get to know each other. Otherwise, how else would you know if the other person isn’t trustworthy or is just fooling around?

They say that you never know another person fully well until you’ve lived with that same person. Every single day, you’ll find something new (good or bad) about the man or woman you’re sleeping next to.

3. Are you committed to each other as a couple? It’s hard enough making a new (or even an old) marriage work without meddling in-laws, children, and step-relatives. Thus, if you let these people get between you, then you could be fighting a losing battle. Unless you cleave to each other and remain loyal no matter what, then the marriage won’t stick.

4. Have you been living apart for some time? Ideally speaking, a relationship ought to have grown stronger through time. Having been engaged for a while to Asian beauties, this is supposed to have given you enough time to really get to know them well.

If you’ve been in a long-distance relationship prior to getting married, however, the relationship deserves a second weigh – or even a wait. This is because in the process of having been apart, it is possible than one or both parties may have outgrown each other. Either of you may have evolved and created a new life. When attachments and priorities have changed, as they sometimes do through time and distance, then the person you’re marrying is no longer the same one you were once engaged online dating

5. Has the relationship fortified and grown stronger? From the beginning, it helps to lay down a strong foundation. Thus, whatever troubles may rock your very core, you’ll have each other to lean on. But then again, if there are already some cracks in your relationship, like issues of flirting with other beautiful Chinese women, then it might take more than super glue to keep your marriage together.single women online