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5 Signs to Tell if it’s Really Love or Just an Addiction to Russian girls

Hooking up with Russian girls is real, but so is getting hooked on them.

You can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, video games and TV (and hundreds of other things). But can you actually be addicted to someone?

Is there a fine or blurred line between true love and mere addiction? How can you tell if you actually love someone or are simply hooked on them?

As in the case with drugs, being addicted is never healthy for you. It may feel satisfying in the short term, but in the long term the consequences can be disastrous.

Here’s the deal: sexy Russian girls can be quite addictive just by looking at them. Just look at any Russian girl beautiful picture.

And while their beauty is certainly one of the reasons to date a Russian girl, don’t fall into that trap right away.

Russian girl beautiful pictureLearn to tell the difference between love and addiction:

#1: You can’t get enough of them

Even if your partner treats you badly, you keep coming back for more as if you can’t get enough of them.

Many Russian Ukrainian brides choose to stay in abusive relationship because they can’t imagine their life without that person. This is an obvious case of addiction, as they can’t just say ‘no’ to a new dose of the dangerous drug called ‘my partner’.

Like an abused dog that keeps coming back to its owner, Russian and Ukrainian women can’t seem to walk away from toxic and unhealthy relationship just to keep that inner void filled.

#2: You get too clingy and jealous

While getting a little too clingy or jealous is perfectly normal for two people sincerely in love with one another, addicted people tend to take it to a whole new level.

Trying to be excessively controlling or clingy allows addicted people to watch their partner’s every step out of fear that they might leave them one day.

Panicking every time they catch their partner looking through Russian babe galleries or spend too much time with friends can be a sure-fire sign of addiction.

#3: You feel bad when they are not around

While two people in love can’t imagine their lives without one another and they look forward to every second spent together, addicted people completely depend on their partners.

Like in the case with drugs, dependency is the telltale sign of addiction. Addicted people feel insecure and depleted without their partner.

If you need your partner to be around just so that you wouldn’t feel miserable or desperate, then you may have an addiction to deal with.

The absence of your partner shouldn’t feel like an absence of a drug with all of its withdrawal symptoms.

#4: You can’t stand the thought of losing them

Russian and Ukrainian womenNobody likes to get dumped. But when the mere thought of losing your partner becomes your greatest fear in life and causes you to freak out, then you may be addicted to your partner.

Don’t get me wrong: people in love are scared of breakups, too. But at least there is a mutual and unspoken confidence that the two of you would be able to work things out in the name of love no matter what happens.

Like a junkie who is scared that his stash of drugs will run out or get destroyed, an addicted person is scared of losing their partners. In this case, dependence is to blame.

If you take Russian for wife merely out of fear that she will leave you if you don’t marry her, you may want to reconsider your decision. A loveless marriage is never a happy marriage.

#5: You sacrifice everything for them

Sure, you may sacrifice a day at work just to meet Russian women for date every once in a while, but if you keep sacrificing things just to satisfy someone else’s needs over and over again, you may be addicted.

You see, addicted people never think about consequences. They just do the things that feel ‘right’ at the moment without questioning what’s being put at stake.

Addicted people are willing to give their partners everything they’ve got just to keep them around – and if they don’t have it, they’ll make sure they get it just to keep their partner happy.

A lot of the times, the sacrifices are being made to their own detriment. In that case, being addicted to someone can be just dangerous as snorting cocaine.