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5 Ways to Resolve an Argument like a Gentleman

Conflict is a normal part of any type of relationship, be it husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, friend-friend, etc. Each person enters a relationship with certain expectations, and when those expectations aren’t met, relationship conflicts are bound to occur sooner or later. So, no matter how much two people might have a lot in common, they can never think the same and conflicts are inevitable.  Since conflicts are unavoidable, learning how to resolve them as soon as they arise is important. If you are trying your hand at Asian dating, it’s good that you familiarize yourself with the following 5 ways to resolve an argument like a gentleman:

Chinese pretty girl photo1. Know her expectations

One of the tips on how to date a Chinese girl is to learn what her expectations are. With the understanding that your partner has different expectations from you, it’s always good to ask her what she expects of you. If you two get caught up in an argument, you will know whether her expectations are higher than yours or lower and you will be able adjust accordingly.

2. Practice active listening

how to date a Chinese girlAnother tip on how to impress Chinese girl is to make her feel that you are actually listening to what she has to say. Don’t just “honey” her to make peace in a middle of an argument, hot Chinese girls won’t never buy it.  Active listening is all about conversing in a way that tells your partner that you are ready to hear her out. The goal here is to make her comfortable enough to open up, and once she tells you what her problems are, you will be able to use those insights to come up with a practical solution.

3. Be patient

Try to chill, even if you will be faking it. It may be hard to keep calm in the heat of the moment, but practicing patience will prevent you from hurling ugly words that you might regret later. Men who are dating sexy Chinese girls have realized that staying calm during an argument helps a lot. Stop to take a couple of deep breaths, or you can decide to take a break and resume the conversation when tensions are low.

4. Don’t dismiss the conflict hurriedly

You would also achieve an undesired result if you rush to end the conflict between you and your sexy Chinese girl. Dismissing the conflict all too soon means that you don’t really care about your partner’s feelings about the subject matter in which you were arguing about. It is good to keep in mind that the main objective isn’t to win the fight but to solve the problem. Remember that it is much better to be happy than to be right.

Asian dating5. Avoid personal attacks

When arguing with a traditional Chinese woman, it is best to focus on her behavior instead of her personal characteristics. Raging a personal attack on someone can be far more injurious and long lasting. It is advisable that you highlight the behavior that displeased you, rather than pointing out the things you presume to be wrong with her personality. In the same breath, it’s good to clarify what your girlfriend meant by her action, instead of what you assumed her action to mean.

It is good to familiarize yourself with these matters before you meet Chinese women. This is because they are just like other women and dating them would be no different. Remember that when you are dating Chinese girl and happen to have an argument, restoring harmony and getting back on track to have a peaceful relationship should be your goal. After all is said and done, it is best to agree mutually to let the past go. Once you make a decision to leave it in the past, it is important that you try your best not to bring the subject up again in your future conflicts.