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7 Fun facts about women that will amaze you

Women are special creatures and many years of attempts to fully understand them have been in futility, however, it has produced lots of insights into their reasoning. It is amazing how men and women are so different but cannot live without each other. We shall pinpoint Chinese women as a subject of interest to highlight some of the facts about women – and some of them will definitely get you amazed.

1.Women have a better sense of smell

A comparative study of Chinese sexiest girls has shown that they are better at detecting smell than their male counterparts – but it doesn’t end there. If you have not been paying attention to your body scent then this will shock you; women also associate good smell to being more attractive. So next time you want to go out on a date, don’t just look good, smell good.Chinese women photo

2.Women may not be as emotional as you think

Men who are into Chinese women dating – especially the western men – try to act with caution to avoid breaking the hearts of these fragile young ladies. The general notion is that women brood heartbreaks and find it hard to get over with it but in reality, a study has shown that men suffer more emotional pain after a breakup. So, stop pitying for them and pity for yourself.

3.It is the nature of women to talk

It can be annoying to a man how women talk and talk without a pause if you want to know just how much a woman can talk, try to video chat a Chinese lady that you have been dating for a while. For the men out there, try not to take it personally because that is the way they have been wired. One more useful advice, never try to engage a woman in a quarrel because she will out-talk you.Chinese women dating

4. Don’t be too enthusiastic when she blinks at you

If you have been studying flirting signs or read anything about them you must have discovered how often eye contact and blinking has been mentioned. But it may also interest you to know that no matter how strong Chinese girl is emotionally, she has been hardwired to blink at least twice more than men. So don’t get carried away by her constantly blinking at you.

5. Holding your hand may not mean anything

Many times you see Chinese women photo, you will observe that they are holding something or someone. Is it mere coincidence or chance? Guess not. It has been shown that women do not like it when their hands are free which is why they always hold something; a book, a bag or just anything – and when they are walking beside you and find nothing to hold, they may decide to hold your hand. Feels romantic right? Cut down your expectations because it may actually mean nothing to her.

6. Women are addicted to the mirror

There is a lot of crazy stuff going on in the mind of a lady when she stands before the mirror like how wonderful it would be to take pictures in such a pose. It is so bad that if the hours some women spend on the mirror by the time they get to fifty are tabulated, it would run into years. However, you should never try to take that away from them. NEVER.

7. Women take online dating more serious than men

Dating websites are emerging by the day and guess who makes most of the population? Yes, women! Chinese pictures are floating around the web hoping to attract the perfect man with whom she will spend the rest of her life with but sadly, men don’t always feel the same way.