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7 Reasons why getting a Russian girlfriend is very important to every man

As you grow older, there are certain things that used to be important to you that lose their place in your life while there are others which you need but may not be aware of how much you need them till someone draws your attention to them – and you will begin to wonder what you were thinking all the while. Russia girls fall in the latter. Dating a bride from Russia is both fun-filled and a huge learning process especially for men who are not Russian natives.

Russia girlsIf you base your judgment on what you read on the Internet, then you must have frequently come across the part that portrays Russian brides as stone-hearted alcoholics, right? It is not true. Russian girls have a mind of their own but they are also crazy romantics if you play by the rules – or rather if you define the rules properly.

The recent increase in the subscription base of Russian mail order brides is suggestive that more and more men are becoming aware of the relevance of Russian girls and are signing up to get girlfriends for themselves, but that is bad news to those who are not aware of this already because as the competition grows, their chances of getting the Russian bride becomes slimmer.

1.Miss Independent

When you are looking for a miss independent who would not depend on you like a remote controlled robot then you need to look for a Russian girl. These girls know how to take care of themselves and they put in an effort to look good. When you invite them on a date, they always come along with a gift – even when you tell them not to.

2.Sucker for a good time

If you have ever gone out on a date with a Russian lady, then you will never again ask, ‘why are Russian women beautiful’. The simple reason why Russian women are beauty goddesses is because they have fun. They are knocked down by life once in a while – like every other human being – but they quickly shake it off in clubs or parties and move one. You would agree that happiness is the mother of all beauty.

3.Serving food is a tradition

Russian women are always strict to their tradition which explains why you have to know all the Russian marriage customs if you are anticipating to marry one. One other thing that is more like a custom is that if you are ever invited by your girlfriend, then expect that food must be served – whether you are hungry or not.  In extension, when you have a Russian girlfriend, you will never go hungry.

4.Parenting is a serious business

One reason you should aim towards having a Russian wife is because Russian parents take the parenting serious which means your kids will grow up to have good manners. Also, when you visit the parents of your Russian girlfriend, you will be amazed at how cool and welcoming they are – and they let you drink alcohol with them.

5.Trust and friendship

the Russian brideThe only obstacle that will stand between you and your Russian girlfriend is trust. Once you have passed the test of trust, you have found a friend who can share anything with you. Don’t also expect gestures like a smile if you are a stranger.


When you are not playing with your girlfriend, you can play with Russian doll known as matryoshkas. They are beautiful and will be great to show off on your social media.

7.Party till dawn

Your party plans can be shattered because the shops are closed and you forgot to buy some beer or vodka. That will never happen if you are dating a Russian because they keep alcohol in their homes.

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