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9 Relationship Stages you’ll go through with all Asian ladies

All Asian ladies will agree that every relationship is different because each individual will bring their own hopes and fears to the table of love.  However, one thing that all relationships have in common is that they exist chronologically. It’s impossible for a relationship to start with a break up and end with falling in love.  In such a way, this article looks at 9 stages of a relationship that you might go through with real Asian girls. The first and second stage are the only ones that all relationships are guaranteed to go through. Stages 3 to 8 can happen in any order really so don’t be confused if you feel as if you’re experiencing stage 6 but never experienced stage 5. Stage 9 is the end goal of any relationship; reaching this stage is not easy and requires all kinds of trials, tribulations and compromises along the way. If you’re serious about meeting lovely Asian women and trying to build compatible relationships that will stand the tests of time, then this article may help.

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Stage 1 – Chemical Reaction

It has been scientifically proven that feeling attracted to someone is the result of a chemical reaction that occurs inside your body.  You might decide to use Asian online dating sites to meet exotic Asian women. From the moment that you start looking at hot Asian women photos on a profile and begin to feel attracted, chemical reactions are taking place.  Relationships will start when two people get an intense feeling of attraction towards each other. It doesn’t have to be sexual attraction. You could simply think about each other non-stop and want to spend every moment together.

Stage 2 – Learning

Lovely Asian women will become interested in every aspect of your life as a result of stage 1.  You will begin asking each other questions about everything and anything you can think of: number of siblings, childhood pets, biggest fears. No matter what it is, you’ll both want to learn more about each other.

Stage 3 – Disagreements

Everyone is different and, as a result, its almost impossible for two people to spend all their time together and not find things that they don’t agree on. Young cute Asian girls might have different opinions on the importance of family, religion or even politics. You will either have to accept this or be prepared to terminate the relationship.

Stage 4 – Painting Personality Traits

Spending the majority of time with a lover will eventually lead to the forming of opinions about that person.  These can be positive or negative, true or false.  It’s important that you always treat your partner with respect and kindness so that she forms a positive opinion of you. Once the opinion is formed it’s hard to change.  Similarly, if you’ve acted in a certain way at the start so that your partner forms a positive opinion but then start changing for the worse, you’ll only be letting her down more every day.

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Stage 5 – Trying to Change

Just finding Asian women cute is not enough to make a relationship work.  In most relationships, both people will have an idea of their perfect partner.  At this point, you may find yourself trying to change things about your girlfriend. In turn, she may want to change you. For a relationship not to falter at this point, both of you will need to learn to compromise and accept as well as make an effort to change yourself for the better.

Stage 6 – Contentment

This is different from stages 1 and 2 because it happens once you’ve got to know your partner on a deeper, personal level. You’ve managed to understand each other and decided that you’re both happy even if things aren’t ideal.

Stage 7 – Doubts

When a relationship becomes really serious it’s only natural to have doubts. This stage will happen when you, or both of you, will begin thinking about the future.  You’ll both ask yourselves if you really think you can be with your partner for the rest of your life. Don’t worry, it’s normal for all couples to have doubts.  At the same time, it’s definitely a make or break stage.

Stage 8 – Spicing up the Sex Life

Sexual desire is normal for most people. And it’s also normal for a couple to become accustomed to a sexual pattern which may not be satisfying anymore. At this point, a couple may need to explore new avenues of sexual gratification in order to both remain content.

Stage 9 – Complete Trust

If you’ve managed to steer your way through all 8 of the aforementioned stages and still have a deep bond of love, then your relationship will probably last the distance. That’s because you’ve managed to profoundly accept each other for who they are and will always be there for support.