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9 Signs That You’re Addicted To Your Girlfriend (Find Your Healthy Addiction On Free Chinese Dating Sites)

Believe it or not, you can be addicted to your partner in a healthy way. Let’s say that you met the prettiest Chinese girl on free Chinese dating sites and after two years of dating, you cannot imagine your life without your girlfriend, you couldn’t be happier, and you keep obsessing over her in a good way. That’s a healthy addiction.

Or let’s look at another situation. Let’s say that you met a Chinese girl online and after being in a relationship with her for two years, you are miserable and unhappy, but cannot end the relationship because you’re too addicted to her. Now, that’s an unhealthy addiction.prettiest Chinese girl

More often than not, people have no idea that they’re addicted to their romantic partners. Those who choose to stay in a relationship that does more harm than good are often addicted to their partner in an unhealthy way. That’s why we decided to put together a list of signs indicating that you’re addicted to your Chinese girlfriend you met on one of the top 10 Chinese dating sites.

Signs that you’re addicted to your girlfriend

  1. You feel incomplete when your girlfriend is not around. Every minute spent apart from her feels like torture.
  2. You don’t mind giving up your space for your traditional Chinese bride. “After all, what can possibly be more important than my gorgeous Chinese girl?” you think.
  3. You seek your girlfriend’s approval… in everything. If she doesn’t like something, you start hating that thing, too. If you want to do something new, you feel the urge to ask their permission or approval first.
  4. You start fights or cry to get her attention. More often than not, these fights appear out of nowhere, and you learned the art of forcing out the tears for no reason because it feels so good when your girlfriend offers her shoulder to comfort and console you.Chinese girl
  5. You turn a blind eye to the things your girlfriend does that other men in your situation would consider inappropriate and wrong. You just allow your girl to do whatever she wants. In your opinion, she doesn’t cross any lines, because boundaries simply don’t exist for her.
  6. You throw a tantrum and become too possessive when your girlfriend wants to break up with you. You think you haven’t been good enough to her (after all, you think you’re the only one responsible for the looming breakup), so you promise to become even better.
  7. The mere thought of your girlfriend leaving you is your worst nightmare… ever. There’s just no way you could be happy again if your relationship ends… or so you think.
  8. You ditched your favorite activities, hobbies, and even friends for her. Ever since you found your girlfriend on Chinese online sites, you didn’t notice how much your life has changed. You no longer do the things that brought you immense joy, and you don’t even see your friends anymore because your girlfriend is your entire world.
  9. There’s no such thing as something that makes you feel uncomfortable if your girlfriend wants it. You break your own personal boundaries just to make her feel more comfortable even at the expense of your own comfort. But you don’t notice it, because your world is revolving around her.

The next time you’re having a free Chinese chat with your girlfriend, look at your conversation through the prism of this list. You might recognize signs that you’re addicted to your girlfriend. If you’re addicted in a healthy way, you’re lucky. If it’s an unhealthy addiction, you might want to consider ending this relationship before it brings even more harm and start finding new Chinese girls online.

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