Chinese girl

A goddess of love

Attention boys! A goddess is waiting for you! Yiwen is a single Chinese girl on the hunt for a good man. Her friends say she looks like a goddess and boy are they right. One look at this girl and you will be helpless against her magical powers of seduction.

Our magical world features goddesses of all kinds, some evil, some mischievous, some vengeful. Yiwen is a goddess of the most positive kind. This girl is a real innocent sweetheart. She’s a good girl who doesn’t smoke or drink, has never been married and values honesty and loyalty above all else. If you’ve got a kind heart and lust for adventure, this beauty might just be the girl of your dreams.

beautiful Chinese womanIt’s time to bust out the old barbells and do some sit-ups and push-ups because you are going to need to be in shape to keep up with Yiwene, this beautiful Chinese woman. She is a Belly dancing instructor who loves sports so she is going to keep you on your feet. There’ll be no boring moments with this adventurous girl. In addition to her sporting life, she loves cooking, yoga, photography, shopping, hiking, and playing music.
So, why do her friends say she looks like a goddess? Well, just check out her stunning photos on our Chinese dating site. This girl is a 10. 5 foot 3, 110 pounds, and perfect, feminine curves.

Despite her goddess-like physical beauty, she is a sweet person on the inside. She values spending time with friends and family, and believes in the powerful, world changing effects of smiling. She is always smiling and her smile is contagious. You might just find yourself a happier person when she wraps you in her warm embrace.

Did this girl come down from a cloud? Only you can find out. Contact her now and let this goddess take your heart on a new adventure.