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A Survival Guide For Dating Russian Babes: 8 Steps To Avoid A Disaster with Russian Women

If you’re dreaming about dating Russian babes, stop for a second and ask yourself, “Am I actually ready for this?” Dating hot Russian girls is not the same as dating American or European women, which is why we’ve prepared a survival guide for you to follow a step-by-step guide for dating Russian women if you want to get a second date (or at least avoid being punched in the face by the Russian woman).

Step 1: Make the first move

You’ll most likely not succeed in Russian marriage if you adopt the following attitude “I want to date a Russian girl, so I will just create an online dating profile and let it sit there until the best Russian girls initiate the chat with me.” The main difference between dating nice Russian girls and American or European girls is emancipation.

Russian Women

While American and European women don’t mind making the first move if they like a man, Russian women almost never take the first step when it comes to meeting men, asking out on a date, and proposing to get married. In Russia, girls are taught from a very young age that the man is the main figure in their life and family.

Step 2: Call her a young woman, even if she isn’t that young

If you do muster up enough courage to initiate a chat with a Russian woman after choosing among thousands of Russian hot photos online, and want to impress her with your Russian language skills, never should you ever call her “zhenshina” (a woman). Russian women consider it an insult and rude to be called that word, while a more appropriate term for addressing Russian women is “devushka” (a young woman). Yes, even if you’re addressing a woman in her 40s or 50s.

Once you get past the stage of calling names and the Russian girl seems to like you, don’t ruin your dating chances by asking her how old she is. In Russia, women consider it “rude” for a man to inquire into her age.

Step 3: Let her get to know you better in the chatroom

When it comes to choosing the best candidate to go on a first date with, beautiful single Russian women take their time and prefer to chat with you – as the candidate – for weeks or months before proceeding to the next stage (which is a first date). So don’t rush things, let her get to know you better in the chatroom. On average, it takes a few months of online dating for a Russian girl to understand that she actually likes the guy and wants to go on a first date with him.beautiful single Russian women

Step 4: She’ll be late for a date

In Russia, it is considered normal for a woman to be late for a date. Usually, a woman arrives on a date 10-15 minutes late, but it wouldn’t be that much of a big deal if she arrived 30 or even an hour late. Yes, Russian women never arrive on time, because they think by arriving right on time she will look desperate or clingy in the eyes of her date.

Step 5: Don’t forget the flowers

According to polls, the vast majority of Russian women consider flowers to be the most appropriate and delightful gift for a first date. But never should you ever buy them in even numbers. In Russia, giving flowers in even numbers is only appropriate for funerals. So do count the flowers and make sure they are in odd numbers before giving it to a girl on a first or second date.

Step 6: Pay the bill all by yourself

russian womenOnce you finish your dinner during the first date, take care of the bill all by yourself. You see, in the United States and Europe, women and men split the bill on a first date. Even merely suggesting to a Russian woman that she pays half will make you look bad in her eyes and will automatically cancel your second date. This is true for dating both poor and rich Russian women.

Step 7: Don’t forget the chivalry

In many Western countries, chivalry has lost its value, while in Russia, being a gentleman – holding the door for a girl, letting a woman go first when entering or exiting a restaurant, holding her coat, and other gestures – can score you extra points and help you melt the girl’s heart.

Step 8: Always carry the bags

While in many European countries it is considered rude to even ask a woman if she needs help carrying the bags, in Russia, men carrying the bags is not something out of the extraordinary. So if you bring your Russian girl more gifts than she can carry on a first date, make sure you help her carry them to her doorstep. These are the most essential rules to follow in our survival guide for dating Russian women.