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Any Idea What Asian Girls Really Want You to Text About?

How great of a text mate are you? Nowadays, texting has become one of the quickest and easiest ways to communicate. With the way you deliver your thoughts to Asian girls, do you just as quickly and easily win them over? Are you able to send what they really want to receive?

Although there are no set rules on what to write and how you should text, there definitely are some do’s and don’ts! Don’t over-generalize that the same rules apply to every single one. Do know, however, that there’s a STYLE and TONE that works most of the time when you’re dating a Chinese girl.

Asian beautiesEspecially when you’re texting each other for the very first time, feel your way through. At this point, since your only bases are the lovely Chinese beauties photos you see or the sexy Chinese girl video you watch, you have absolutely no idea (yet) what their texting style is. Would they prefer to be a little more formal and elaborate with their words, or are they more on the less-wordy and informal side?

So, mind your manners! Once you’ve figured out what manner of texting they’re most comfortable with, that’s when you can adjust. Tweak your tone to suit the person. Due to individual differences, you can’t use the same tone with every single girl.

Chinese women photosLikewise, don’t be too abrupt with a new female acquaintance. Avoid some common shortcuts if you want Asian beauties to linger in a chat. In other words, exercise a bit of your texting etiquette.

Let’s break a few bad habits. Do you have the habit of texting everyone with a quick “K” to say that it’s “Okay” for you or a brief “ttyl” to mean “Talk to you later”? These aren’t the short and sweet responses any girl looks forward to when love is new.

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To the typical Chinese girl, IMAGE is just as important. It matters to her what she thinks of herself and what other people say. So, even with all the Chinese women photos you see on popular online dating sites, keep in mind that you don’t really know her. It’s always best to treat her with the respect and kindness she deserves.

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Remember: As you exchange more texts through time, gradually make your intentions known. Otherwise, if you remain light and friendly all throughout your conversation, you just might be friend-zoned! Unfortunately, that’s when the communication hits a snag.

Right from the start, if you’re too forward and fresh, this might be taken as an insult. Thus, do not presume what her texting personality is based on appearances and Chinese women images alone. Avoid sexting like nothing, or you’ll land flat on your face and nowhere near her.

Instead of immediately being flirtatious in your text, why not try to be friendly? When you begin on a note of friendship, it does help her feel more at ease. It doesn’t make her feel uncomfortable about exchanging texts with you.

Here’s another way that the thread can be broken. Do you have the habit of talking about how “busy” you are with work or how “tired” you’ve been from staying out late with friends? If you’re too hung up on these conversation stoppers, then why else would she consider texting you all night?

At the end of the day, there are no right or wrong ways on how to date a Chinese woman through text. There are only do’s and don’ts – great ideas on how to deliver your text and pick up on what they really want you to talk about.