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Are Chinese Women dating just for fun? How to tell if she really has a crush on you

asian girlsAre Chines Women dating just for fun? Chinese women are notoriously difficult to read. Many who have used Chinese online dating services agree that single Chinese ladies will go on dates but not actually show any interest. A single Chinese girl cherishes her independence and just because she dates with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she really has a crush on you.

Imagine the excitement when you see hot Chinese women photos on a dating app but beware! Its important to know how to date a Chinese woman otherwise she could easily take you for a ride. The hard thing is not always getting the date, it’s learning how to get a Chinese girlfriend.Chinese women

If you’ve been enticed into a meeting after seeing beautiful Chinese women images on a dating app then you should definitely read this article first. It will help you understand if she’s just after dinner and light conversation or something more intimate.

Is her body language hot or cold?

Interracial dating can run into problems when there’s a language barrier. But one type of language that we all possess is body language. If your date is leaning in close to you it can be a sign that she’s really interested. Don’t worry about saying the wrong thing, just show her the same warmth and let things progress naturally.

How does she look at you?

Chinese dates can often be coy at the start. They will act shy and often look down to hide their expression. When a single Chinese girl really likes you she will begin to feel more comfortable. She’ll raise her face to you and look intensely into your eyes. Smiling is also never a bad thing. The more you can make her smile, the more she likes you.single Chinese ladies

Does she message you between dates?

If Chinese women really like you then they’ll be interested in knowing what you’re up to even if you don’t have another date planned for a while. If you only message to arrange dates then that may not be a very positive sign. Receiving cute message from your Chinese girl wishing you sweet dreams probably means she’s thinking about you a lot and misses you.

dating asian singlesDoes she make an effort to impress you?

Not all girls have to put on an expensive dress and lather themselves in make up to show they’re making an effort. It can be something as simple as always trying to make you laugh. It’s not difficult to see when someone is trying and when they’re not. If your date seems so relaxed they don’t even care about whether you’re having a good time then she’s obviously not that engaged. If a Chinese girl really likes you then she’ll talk openly in an attempt to make you feel comfortable.

Does she look around at other guys during your dates?

If a girl is looking around to check out other guys during a date then you should probably pretend to go to the bathroom and escape as fast as you can. If your Chinese date is really interested, then they will focus their gaze upon you for the majority of time.

Does she laugh a lot?

Laughter is the no.1 international language of fun. If you’re date is giggling uncontrollably at your terrible puns about cheese it may not be because they are the funniest jokes in the world. She might just be laughing because she loves hearing the funny way you tell those terrible jokes. Don’t assume you’re ready to start a stand up career because she’s laughing a lot but do continue being your jolly self. Making the woman you love laugh is far more important than making a crowd of strangers laugh.

Good luck finding that Chinese beauty who really has a crush on you!