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Are You Colombian Dating for Lust or for Love?

When you’re Colombian dating and the relationship is just starting, that’s when you’re head over heels about a girl. You can hardly eat; you can hardly sleep. You’re hardly able to accomplish anything since she dominates your thoughts. Obsessed with a pretty Latin girl, your mind is constantly on this person. You’re always thinking about her.

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Fast forward now to a few months later or several years into Colombian girl dating. Do you still feel the same way about her? Does she still feel the same way about you? Are you as romantic and inseparable as you once were before?

If you want single Colombian women to take you seriously, then here’s how to distinguish between lust and love:

  1. Lust begins with a heightened state of arousal upon seeing sexy Colombian girls photos, and it ends with the loss of passion. Love, on the other hand, remains alive and burning! It remains excited at the thought of waking up next to the other person. It is for keeps, even when you’re both old and grey.
  2. For closeness to develop between you and hot Colombian ladies, there must be self-disclosure. Lust is fueled by thrill and mystery, but love is founded on trust and honesty. Thus, be prepared to reveal more of yourself to the other person, even if it means sharing secrets. Be willing to go deeper into yourself and reveal the core of who you really are.
  3. It is love, more than lust, which actually connects you with hot Latin American women. When you love a woman, you want to build a connection. You want to establish a relationship, not only with her, but with her family – her parents, grandparents, siblings, and kids, if any. Because you love her, you learn to love those whom she loves.

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  1. At the same time, love embraces the other person into your life. You are more than ready to introduce her to your own family. You are determined to make them understand that she is part of you – the other half of you, without which you would be incomplete.

As men, remember that you leave clues for your family by the phrases you use when you date Colombian ladies. For instance, there’s a difference when you say, “I brought Sofia here for a visit” as against “We are here to visit and stay with you.” Also for you to say, “We came here together as soon as Maria arrived“, sounds far better than “I asked Maria to fly here and join us.” Clearly, this is one of the lessons most men still have to learn when talking about their wives and girlfriends to family.

  1. The bottom line is that you begin to use “we” or “us” instead of “I” or “me”. You no longer see yourselves as two separate individuals unrelated by blood, but rather as a couple joined by marriage. It is this sense of oneness that will see you through all the tough times, even as time, distance, and people may try to draw you apart.
  2. Because the oneness is there, it follows that this influences the choices and decisions you make. For instance, you may choose to leave your family and cleave to your wife once you get married. You would not let her live with in-laws, simply because she would be unhappy. Instead, you now owe her not only your love and attention but also your loyalty.

Whenever you meet Latin women and go Colombian dating, remember these 6 tips on what makes love different from lust. Always be careful to distinguish between the two, because lust wears off but love remains.

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