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Be the Type of Man Chinese Girls are Looking For!

Statistics indicate that hot Chinese girls are jumping on the Western Boy/Man bandwagon with online dating websites full of gorgeous single Chinese girls and women in search of their perfect Western mate! So exactly what type of Western man makes the cut and what’s so wrong with their fellow Asian men?

It appears that there are several specific physical traits and personality characteristics that single Chinese girls are looking for. Physically lots of Chinese girls consider the Western male facial features to be exotic — they absolutely love blue, brown or green eyes, straight noses, thin lips and the various hair colours of Westerners as opposed to customary black Asian hair. Chinese women also appreciate the more masculine appearance of the classic Western male body chinese girls

On the cultural side of things, hot Chinese girls find Western men with a friendly attitude and gentlemanly good manners irresistible! An open-hearted personality encourages Chinese girls to express their feelings and thoughts more freely is another trait that appeals to Chinese girls as a direct contrast to their own culture which is typically more reserved and controlled. A Western partner offers more freedom and a less patriarchal lifestyle which is extremely appealing.

Westernized culture is definitely much more diverse than traditional Chinese culture. Many Chinese girls are attracted to Western men because they are easy going and appear relaxed in comparison to Asian males that are conditioned to follow traditional Chinese cultural family values which are not really desired by modern Chinese girls of today.chinese girlfriend

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For those foreign men who are looking for a long term relationship with a Chinese girl, it is worth thinking about what expectations your Chinese girl will have in comparison to the typical western female.

chinese girls for marriageFortunately for Western men seeking Chinese girls for marriage plenty of gorgeous Chinese women are sincerely invested in finding love outside of China. For many Chinese girls so long as you take pride in your Western appearance with good hygiene, nice hair and also dress well you have a very good chance at romance! She will also be strongly attracted to you if you are polite, confident, well-educated, independent, funny and easy-going.

It is also worthwhile knowing that so many Chinese girls are in love with the ‘American Dream’ primarily; money and materialism. Why and exactly what does this mean? Chinese girls from mainland China often turn to wealthy white men to escape their life of traditional Chinese culture and immense poverty. Marrying a western man equates with a better life as well as opportunity for migration to the West as a married woman. Educated or divorced Chinese females on the other hand choose Western partners due to social nuances which deem them as unattractive and potentially unworthy to Chinese men whereas Western men are most happy to marry these Chinese females.

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