Best gifts for your Chinese girl this moon festival

The moon festival (which is also called the mid-autumn festival) is a traditional festival celebrated in China which usually falls between September and October. The celebration of the festival usually coincides with the time when the moon is fullest (the origin of the name of the celebration). Chinese girls always anticipate this celebration because it signifies prosperity, happiness and a time for family reunion. If you are looking for a Chinese girlfriend, this is one occasion that will give you the opportunity to find one.

Make your gift resonate with the spirit of the celebration
Asians have a whole lot of celebrations and feasts. It is paramount to learn about these feasts if you are Asian dating. Every feast is unique. Picking the right gift that will resonate with the spirit of the celebration will be impossible if you do not understand what the celebration is about in the first place. The worst spot to be in is standing in front of your pretty Chinese girls with a gift that is definitely out of place.

Chinese mooncakeMoon cakes are must-eat during the moon festival
There are gifts that when you send them to beautiful Chinese girls during the moon festival you will not have to bother if it will make the right impression – because they definitely will. One of such gifts is the moon cake. It is a tradition for the moon cake to be eaten during the moon festival and no amount of it can be said to be too much.

The preference to gifts is changing from what it used to be. In recent times, young people will choose the modern versions of moon cake over the ones that are handmade. This is important information you should keep in mind when going to buy a moon cake for your Chinese girlfriend.

The truth is that there is no historical basis to explain why moon cakes are eaten in moon festivals but they have become a part of the celebration that cannot be erased. The type of moon cake you send to your girlfriend is often used by her to judge the amount of interest you have in her. Currently, there are brands of moon cakes that claim to its milk and papaya-flavored versions give the consumer youthful appearance and larger breasts.

chinese-for-marriageThe best gift may be as simple as having dinner with her

The spirit of a moon festival is that of happiness and family reunion. Chinese will travel from all over the world to celebrate this festival which has a history of over three thousand years with their family. When you are dating a Chinese girl, this festival will present you the golden opportunity of meeting with her family at the dinner table. Your presence at the dinner table will be a much more valued gift to her than you can ever imagine.

Pay close attention to dates when dating online

China dating website that is dedicated strictly to foreign men in search of Chinese for marriage has bulletins or news boards that remind users of such important Chinese festivals. Though you may not be physically present to give her gifts, wishing her well in the celebration will be just as appreciated if you were there to give her a gift in person.

Chinese ladies looking for love usually seize this period to access the men in their lives to know those that really care about her. As an admirer, this kind of occasion will present you with the opportunity of standing out from the pack.