Best Halloween-Themed Dating Ideas in 2017 with Your Russian girls

Halloween is just days away, and Russian girls are definitely hyped up about it!

Although Halloween is not typically celebrated in Russia, an increasing number of Russian mail order brides definitely have one or two spooky yet sexy costumes stored in their closet for the occasion.

With a growing number of Russian women dating American men, it’s not uncommon to see some brunette or blond Russian girl sporting a classic sexy nurse Halloween costume or the new favorite, Harley Quinn costume from Suicide Squad, when browsing pictures from Russian dating sites.

Russia girl date

If you don’t have a girlfriend yet, I suggest you find one as soon as possible to have a Halloween buddy. Wouldn’t you want to have a joint Halloween costume with your partner and get a little dirty?

But that would be boring to dress up only to take off your costumes minutes later, wouldn’t it? That’s why I’ve come up with these badass Halloween-themed dating ideas to spice up your love life on October 31, 2017.

Go trick or treat’ing together

This may seem like an obvious Halloween activity, yet only children seem to be doing it.

You and your partner may not be 7-year-olds anymore, but trick or treating can still be a super fun activity and a Halloween-themed dating idea.

Don’t forget to get dressed in spooky costumes – but don’t overdo it, or neighbors might call the police on you. Bottom line is this: don’t look like a couple of perverts.

Go to a nightclub or bar together

blond Russian girlIn costumes, of course.

Nightclubs and bars – even in Russia – usually have Halloween-themed activities on October 31, which is why you don’t have to worry about looking like a couple of idiots in those costumes.

Have a good time together or even make it a double date and take your friends with you. The more people, the more fun it is.

After the tiresome night full of dancing and drinking, the two of you can get kinky at home or even at the nightclub or bar’s bathroom. Quickies in public places have been shown effective in keeping relationships passionate and adventurous.

If you don’t have a beautiful Russian blonde yet, going to a nightclub or bar on Halloween may be a good idea to find one.

As an alternative, take these few days off to browse through pictures from Russian dating sites and chat video Russian to find your perfect Halloween buddy.

Take part in a scary escape room quest

beautiful Russian blondeEscape rooms are mushrooming in the U.S., Russia and pretty much all over the world. And they’re a great way to spend your date with a blond Russian girl.

But since it’s Halloween, you may want to choose a scary escape room quest or even a Halloween-themed one if there are any in your town.

Carve pumpkins together

If you want a proper Halloween, don’t forget to get a pumpkin.

But instead of buying an already-carved pumpkin, make one on your own. Turn your date into a pumpkin-carving session.

After all, it’s unlikely that either you or your girlfriend are good at it, which means this activity will bring so much fun and joy.

Bonus: it can become an Instagram-worthy photo opportunity.

Bonus #2: carve “I love you” or other phrases to show your appreciation and affection for your partner.

Try this: challenge each other to a pumpkin carving contest. Or invite more friends (double Halloween-themed date) and participate in the contest.

Have a scary movie marathon

scary movieIf neither of you have watched It, the 2017 epic horror movie, Halloween may be a great excuse to watch it!

There are quite a few Halloween-themed scary movies out there, so you can even have a scary movie marathon.

Why it’s great: horror movies are so much better than romantic chick flicks because they give you an excuse to snuggle up together. After all, Russian girls love to feel safe – so cuddle while watching scary films on Halloween.

Bonus: if you’re more into filming things, not watching them, you can film your own Russian sexy girl video, if you catch my drift. Many couples are up to filming themselves getting kinky at night.

However, if you do film your lovemaking, don’t get it leaked online, as it might have pretty scary consequences (and I’m not talking about clowns-scary consequences, I’m talking about career-scary consequences).