Chinese girls

Black vs White: which race has more chances to get Chinese girl?

Chinese girls are easy to get’ – this is a wide-spread belief that you can stumble across on many online dating forums. But the truth is that you can’t find yourself a girlfriend easily if you are black, Indian or any other type of dark skin race.

And it’s not that young China girls are racist or anything. It all has to do with that misconception in China that says the darker your skin is the lower the class you are.

And that belief in China originated from seeing field workers and farmers have their skin appear darker in color after working long hours under the sun.

Chinese womenBut pretty China ladies consider it unattractive to have tanned skin so they never walk down the streets without sunscreen or umbrella that protects them from direct sun exposure.

So if you’ve signed up on some online dating website with the goal to find a Chinese wife and you’re black, Indian or any other type of dark skin race, the chances that this Chinese girl you like will reject you are very high and it’s nothing personal.

Meanwhile, white guys have a huge advantage among Chinese girls and sometimes they even wonder every time Chinese girls express their sudden interest in them: ‘Why Chinese girl is easy?’

Well, answering that question, it’s because it’s commonly believed in China that if you’re white, you’re most likely wealthy and have a visa. And it’s not that Chinese women are ‘gold diggers’, no.

Think about it this way: Chinese women who sign up on Asian dating websites want a bright future for themselves. Obviously. And it happens that the choice of their future husband is heavily dictated by misconceptions and beliefs that have been passed on from generations to generations.

And it’s not only about a white man having more opportunities and travel possibilities in life, as Chinese women believe, but also the fact that Asian brides are more attracted to the appearance of white people.

There are lots of Chinese girls who want to have larger eyes and taller noses, which are main facial characteristics of white people. In fact, you may have seen Chinese women video on YouTube where they give makeup tips on how to make their eyes appear larger and noses taller.

Chinese wifeChinese girls are very curious about what it’s like dating a foreign man. Many of them still think of foreigners as of some magical creatures, so if you sign up on an online dating website such as ChinaLoveMatch, and if you’re white, your chances of getting a Chinese girl are very high.

Asians are considered to be rare and exotic in pretty much every Western country, while white people are even more exotic in China. That’s why if you come to visit China, expect lots of attention from Chinese ladies seeking men.

In fact, if you’re a white man with blonde hair, you’ll definitely be one of a kind in China. Just think about it: Chinese women get to see men with brunette hair all day long every day, and when a white man with blonde hair shows up, it’s a major panty dropper for Chinese ladies.

Dating Chinese women is a wonderful experience as you get to study a person with a different mindset and cultural values. In fact, you get an exclusive opportunity to find out lots of information about China, since Chinese girls love to tell about their traditions and culture.

So this is how it is: white men indeed have more chances of getting a Chinese girl compared to black men.