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Calling all bachelors! 5 incredible psychological and physical benefits you’ll get from a relationship with Asian women

Cultural differences are fascinating, which is one of the reasons why so many of us want to experience relationships with girls from other cultures.

Our readers might be looking for the most beautiful woman in southeast Asia, they might be a muscular guy looking for a muscular Asian girl, or they may have simply had a dream about Asian women in bikini bottoms! But many of you might be missing something important here, let me explain why.

As a website that provides dating tips, we get a lot of men looking for an Asian date site, for tips on how to meet Asian girls or even local Asian girls in their area. But they also want to reach the top. If you’re looking for attractive Asian girls you should reach for the top beautiful Asian women in the world, right? Regardless of whether you’re a high-flyer or simply looking for that girl that makes you truly happy, there are things you need to consider.

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Firstly, cultural differences exist which might apply to dating single Asian girls (LINK to article “Why you’ve fallen out of love with your Asian girlfriend”).

Then there’s a bigger problem: you might be apprehensive about relationships. After all, if it feels forced, it might not work as you’ll be together for the wrong reasons. Here’s the thing, my friends: if you find love, you’ll welcome any problems thrown your way to make the bond stronger.

Regardless, the cultural differences and your apprehension are both good signs. Nothing worth doing is easy. Another very interesting finding by researchers is that most men benefit more from relationships than women. What do you think? Let’s look at the evidence.

1. Better health and motivation

You’ll no longer be in a world of “every man for himself”. You’ll have someone else to consider, and that’s a great environment to breed motivation and health. It’s pretty much a guarantee that the right person for you will make you want to be a better person.

2. You’ll be happier

Yes, studies have found that those in relationships are considerably happier. Researchers at The London School of Economics analysed 200,000 survey responses from around the world, and found that happiness increased by 0.6 when in a relationship. Many would argue that happiness is something we live for, so this is a good enough reason alone!

3. You might live longer

If happiness is something we live for, we might as well live longer too, right? Research has found that people in relationships live longer than those who are not. That’s powerful.

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4. It will raise your self-esteem

Being in a relationship dissolves self-doubt and increases your confidence. This isn’t too much of a surprise when you have someone supporting you tirelessly. How great would it be to have that effect on someone else’s life, too?

5. Less risk of disease

Perhaps the most surprising: studies show that men in relationships are less likely to develop diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Research has even found that men in relationships have a lower risk of mental health problems such as depression! That’s mind-blowing.

5 incredible psychological and physical benefits you’ll get from a relationship

Everyone can benefit from being with someone. In addition to all the psychological and physical benefits, sometimes we just want some good loving, pure and simple. Open up your mind, and you’re opening yourself up to some invaluable opportunities in life.