Can Ikea Put Your Relationship To The Ultimate Test?

Ikea is one of the biggest furniture and home accessories stores in the world. It supposed to give you tons of choices for your furniture and basic household needs. However, it can put your relationship to the ultimate test, especially if you are your partner don’t agree on your tastes and preferences. For an instance, if you are a Westerner and you have Asian girls, chances are you both have different taste and so walking inside the Ikea store will create conflicting choices.

Who is going to take the lead?

Who is going to take the lead when it comes to lugging furniture home is a big issue for couples. Even if you already figured out beforehand who takes the lead, you will surely have a conflicting choice when you are inside the store. After all, there’s a ton of choices and they vary in design, sizes, and price. One may take the lead when it comes to choosing a furniture while others may handle the finances.

Building/assembling the furniture

Chinese womenMost of the furniture in Ikea have manuals that serve as your guide in assembling the furniture. In the manual, it seems like it is easy to assemble the pieces of furniture together, but in reality it is not. You and your partner will surely come to a point where you feel like idiots because you can’t get things right. You will eventually vent your frustrations to one another. You will come to a point where you are going to blame each other, a simple misunderstanding that could lead to a big fight when previous misunderstandings are brought up. And she may remember last time what you did that pissed her off, maybe you checked another beautiful Chinese girl on street or Chinese women pic on internet.

Tons of selection in the showroom

Choosing a furniture is more of an expression of identity. If you are a westerner, you surely have different taste when it comes to choosing furniture and the same thing goes for Chinese women.Making a choice makes it easy to project a deeper meaning on your partner’s choice. Chances are, couples tend to extrapolate from the small issues that may arise while shopping and building furniture.

Couples might get lost in the store

Have you been to Ikea? What do you notice? The store looks like a maze that never ends. If it is your first time in the store, you will probably get lost. As a matter of fact, even those couples who have been in the store a couple of times still get lost. If you are inside the Ikea store, patience is important. You and your partner should help each other when it comes to directions, or else you will end up having an argument.

Foods are cheap

best free China dating sitesYes, Ikea offers ridiculously cheap foods. Even if you are there for shopping furniture and other important stuff, one of you will feel hungry and distracted. Who wouldn’t be tempted to eat?

Your $1 will let you enjoy a cinnamon bun and an ice cream. If one of you wants to concentrate on shopping and the other wants to take time to eat, then it could surely spark an argument.

You will be tempted to buy things you don’t need

There are so many stuff at Ikea and you will surely be tempted to purchase things you don’t need. If you are on a tight budget, buying things you don’t need could spark an argument between couples. Always remember that many couples fight because of money and it could happen right inside Ikea.

There are so many things that could ruin a relationship. Shopping at Ikea is just one of them. Hence, if you are going to choose a lady who will be your partner for life, you have to make sure she is understanding and has a great deal of patience. Find the best dating sites in China for you to meet the woman of your dreams. The best free China dating sites will let you access the profile of cute Chinese girls. You will be able to see picture of Chinese women and you get to compare Asian girls such as Chinese girl vs Korean girl.