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China’s Tomb-Sweeping Day: Asian women in good mood for dating

In 2016, April 4th is a holiday in China. The thing is that Chinese people celebrate Tomb-Sweeping Day (aka Qingming or Ching Ming Festival) on that day. There are many rituals and traditions associated with this holiday, the roots of which go back to the old ages.

In fact, it’s difficult for any foreigner to figure out what is Tomb-Sweeping Day and what’s going on during that period of time in China. And if you’re looking to meet Asian girls, it’s a must to know at least a few things about it.

Chinese dating siteThe literal translation of Qingming is ‘Pure Brightness Festival’. It’s held on the 15th day of the vernal equinox, which is usually on April 4 or April 5. In 2016, it’s held on April 4, but the period between April 4 and April 6 are official holidays in China.

That means it’s a good opportunity to visit the country to attend the festivities and meet new people. Many believe that Qingming is celebrated to solely pay respects to all those who passed away. However, while it’s true, the holiday also celebrates the coming of spring.

So while so many people believe the holiday is rather sentimental for Chinese people, it’s actually also the celebration of spring, which cannot but delight Chinese people. So Chinese girls tend to be all happy and festive during that period of time, because Chinese people are optimistic in their nature and they value life while respecting those who passed away.

In fact, Tomb-Sweeping Day is when beautiful mature Chinese women prepare big picnics and cook dinners for their families to celebrate the occasion. So if you happen to be chatting with a Chinese girl on some Chinese dating site during that period of time, make sure you ask your girl of interest if she knows how to cook traditional dishes of the holiday.

For China women, dating is a very intimate topic, so if a Chinese girl makes a decision to go online and start looking for a foreigner, she must have thought this move through millions of times. In China, dating is rather simple and ordinary: people meet, they go out and get to know each other.

But dating websites is a whole new experience for Asian girls as they get to know their date before actually meeting him in person. So it’s crucial that you don’t disappoint your Chinese girl of interest while chatting with her.

Think twice before making jokes, be honest with her, take sincere interest in her personality and always remember about social, religious and other differences between you and her.

In fact, while it’s sweet and cool to know about Chinese traditions and religions, don’t bring such intimate topics in online conversations too much, since (1) many Chinese women may find it rather boring to discuss, and (2) she can easily misinterpret you and add you to her blacklist.

Chinese girlAnd that’s definitely not your intention when spending time on websites for China dating. If you’ve signed up on some dating website to go looking for some of the most sexiest Chinese girls online, know that while Chinese women are naturally beautiful, it doesn’t necessarily mean they care about their man’s looks.

Yes, you have to have a presentable, well-groomed look, but it’s the brains, intelligence and the sense of humor that attracts Asian women. So all these sexy Chinese girls pics don’t mean you have to look like Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt to meet Chinese girls.

If you ever get invited by a Chinese woman to visit China on Tomb-Sweeping Day, make sure you bring gifts! Gifts, for Chinese people, are a common sign that the person is caring and sweet. And that’s exactly the type of men Chinese women are attracted to.