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Is Sexting Cheating? The Answer You Really Won’t Want to Accept

The internet has made it super easy for many people to access Chinese dating websites. While this is a blessing for singles, it could mean a totally different thing for people who are already in relationships. Even if a man could already be in a relationship, he might be tempted to cheat on his partner after seeing photos of beautiful Chinese women online. Asian women are inherently beautiful and many men never let the chance of dating one pass them by.

single Chinese girlsIf you are already in a relationship and have been sexting with a sexy cute Chinese girl, is it justified to accuse you of cheating? The answer to that question is one that you really want to accept, and it is a resounding YES. Sexting is considered cheating, and there are a number of good reasons why it is considered as such. Firstly, sexting is equitable to emotional cheating. Even though the cheating involved in sexting is not physical, you are engaging in something that is inappropriate behind your partner’s back, which is equal to cheating.

Secondly, sexting encourages intimacy between two people, even if they are far away from each other. Think about this; do you ever get aroused whenever you see Chinese girls pictures? If you have been exchanging nudes and intimate messages with another woman other than your spouse, then you are already cheating. If your partner were to find out that you are being intimate with someone else, even though remotely, she would feel betrayed.

Thirdly, sexting is mostly done with the intent to act upon it. If you are already sexting another person, it is either you are interested in getting physical with the person, or you already have been physical. If you haven’t physically cheating on your partner yet but is sexting with a muscular Chinese girl, then chances are that you will eventually cheat on your partner sooner or later.

Now that you know that sexting is considered cheating, you should consider stopping the habit. Alternatively, how would you feel if you realized that the Chinese young lady that you are dating has been sexting with some other guy? How would you deal with that? Well, the first step to take is to confront your partner. Find out how long it has been going on and the reason why she has been doing it. Ask for an explanation as to why she feels the need to keep sexting with someone else, and let her know that you are hurt by Chinese women

If you are like most men with Asian brides, you will need to decide whether sexting is forgivable or not. Are you understanding and tolerant enough to forgive your girlfriend after finding out that she has been sexting someone else? To some, this type of behavior is unforgivable as once trust is betrayed, it’s very hard to restore it. However, your relationship might be salvageable after you sit down with your partner and talk about the issue at hand with openness. If she promises not to do it again and actually lives by her word, then forgiveness might be the way.

If you can’t find it in your heart to forgiving your “cheating” girlfriend, then you can also decide to pack up and leave. After all, there are many other single Chinese girls out there waiting to love their men wholeheartedly. Just take your time to check out the many photos of beautiful Chinese women online and you will definitely find one that will melt your heart. Nevertheless, don’t be carried away by looks alone. Be sure that the Asian woman you will end up dating will be worth your time. It’s also important that you tell her beforehand that you consider sexting a form of cheating so she can know from the start that you will not tolerate the behavior. Being open from the start will strengthen your relationship as you will both know what to expect from each other.