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Life Habits You’ll Have to Give Up For a Serious Relationship

A serious relationship with a Chinese young woman comes at a price.

Here’s the harsh truth (and if you’ve ever been in a serious relationship that has lasted at least a year, you probably learned it the hard way):

…you can’t do EVERYTHING you want in a committed relationship. There are certain life habits and behaviors sexy beautiful Chinese girls just won’t tolerate.

If you’ve been in serious relationships and you got away with heavy drinking, stalking to other single Chinese ladies on social media, then you were either dating inflatable sex dolls or you aren’t really honest.

Chinese dating onlineIf you truly want to make things work with Chinese girls – so that you don’t have to jump from one Chinese young woman to another every two months – you may want to give up the following life habits:

Heavy Drinking with Buddies

This is the hardest part for guys who life by the “bros before hoes” principle, which, by the way, should be out of your vocabulary for good. Like, really out.

If you’ve evolved to the point where you finally get into a serious relationship, then you should probably forget about hangovers every weekend and having one too many shots after work.

Chinese young womanWhether you’re dating beatiful Chinese women or gorgeous Russian girls, if you’re getting wasted way too often (a few times per year is alright, but every weekend – no-no!), don’t be surprised if you get dumped.

Forget about all those old movies you watched when you were a kid where a husband gets home from work, gets drunk and, more often than not, beats his wife.

No modern girl who respects herself wants to be dating a drunkard. Period.

Being Gross at Home

Look, nobody wants to see you get gross at home, especially not your girlfriend.

She may be loving you the way you are, but there’s always a limit to how gross you can get without getting dumped.

Throwing your dirty underwear all around the house, not showering for days, wearing the same clothes for months, blowing your nose… You get the idea.

If those are you typical brutal-man, testosterone-high habits, you should wave them goodbye in a serious relationship.

Go Missing for a Whole Night

Chinese girlsThis one is similar to the No. 1 item on our list, but going out for a whole night doesn’t necessarily involve tons of booze.

If you’re in a serious relationship, Chinese women won’t put up with you hanging out in a nightclub or bar with your buddies.

Even if it’s a bachelor party, you may want to discuss it with your girlfriend first to avoid fights later on.

Stalking Girls on Social Media

Okay, hear us out: if you know about Chinese dating a thing or two, you’re probably aware that beatiful Chinese women can be very jealous.

So if you have the habit of stalking other girls on social media – messaging them, liking their photos, or worse, flirting with them – you’re standing on a time-bomb right there.

Put the I-can-get-any-girl-I-want behavior behind you, as you can’t just stalk or flirt with any Chinese young woman you want without your girlfriend getting furious.

Maintaining an Online Dating Profile

This wasn’t much of a problem a decade ago – when literally 1/10 people knew about Chinese dating online.

In the year 2017, however, this has become one of the most common issues that oftentimes lead to breakups.

If you’re in a serious relationship, do yourself (and your girlfriend) a favor and make your online dating profile ‘inactive’. Not to mention the fact that you should give up your habit of browsing through single Chinese ladies every time you get bored.