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Lately we have 3 lovely Russian girls on CharmDate’s Facebook page as the most popular girls of contest “Hot Women From Russia” . Just like many other beautiful single Russian women, except for their gorgeous appearance , these three girls are really cool, down-to-earth and full of passion for life. They want you to come to CharmDate’s Facebook page and hit LIKE for them!

Let’s meet the fantastic three Russian women!


Ukrainian and Russian girlsEvgenia is a 28-year old girl from Kiev. As she joked “ Being single girl in your late 20s in Ukraine is like you are a mid-aged unmarried not datable woman in America, or even worse!” But Evgenia doesn’t seem to care about it at all. She thinks you can’t find love, love happens. You can see she is really a hopeless romantic. From Evgenia’s photos can you see that she is quite a shy person? I bet you never imagined. But she is. She likes to be quiet and never talks too much. Like most Ukrainian and Russian girls, Evgenia is traditional and home-oriented. She runs her own manicure business because it’s her hobby, plus the timing can be flexible which she likes. She wants a sweet and quiet company, are you her type? Come Like her picture to let her know!


Russian beauty womanJust take a look at her photo can you guess Elena is a lawyer? Yes Elena is here to prove you are wrong if you have stereotype of Russian beauty woman is dull. She’s got a good ass, but she’s also got a brain. Just kidding. Being a successful lawyer, Elena is calm, rational and straightforward. She weights pros and cons before acting. Don’t describe her as the woman boss in “Devil Wears Prada” or boring as an old cat lady. Elena is quite sociable too, she likes to hang out with friends and meet new people. She’s like having a gift of getting along with people. Like her picture to make her smile!


dating women from RussiaWe know that you signed up dreaming of dating women from Russia. Vice versa that’s why Daria is here. She hopes her man can always get her jokes because she jokes a lot. Let’s get to the point, for Russian women dating really starts very early, but Daria wasn’t interested in it, she thought there’s too much things to do in life, why rush into something? Of course now Elena changed more or less her mind. If you want to find Russian girl online, you should definitely hit on Daria!

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