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Common myths about people in interracial relationships with Chinese Women

To come across interracial couples today and hear about their relationships and marriages has become common than at any other time in the past. Marriages between couples of different races are at a record high. It would be interesting to note that contrary to what people mostly think of a black and white couple as an interracial one, there have been several cases of an interracial couple involving white men and Chinese women. There has been a rise in the cases of white American men dating Asian women.

dating Asian womenDespite a high number of cases of Chinese mail order brides, certain myths still prevail and they put a veil on interracial couples, drawing a line of stigma over romance that takes place across colour lines. These are the common myths that are faced by white American men and Chinese women when they enter into a relationship on online dating sites.

Interracial is meant by most people in the world as a liaison between black and white persons – This is perhaps the biggest myth concerning interracial couples. It is interracial love when American boys date Chinese beautiful girls. Interracial pairing need not be linked always with white men and women of different colours and race. In the mainstream culture, people tend to overlook interracial couples that belong to minority racial groups. This is because the narrow mindset involving discussions about race being limited to the white and black paradigm. It looks like people have not seen movies such as ‘Harold & Kumar go to White Castle’ involving an Asian Indian and a Korean American protagonist linking up with Latin love interest or ‘Mississippi Masala’ where a Black American falls in love with a South Asian woman. Despite lack of awareness among the general public, the fact remains that many American males are interested in finding out about how to get a Chinese girlfriend.

Chinese beautiful girlsPeople who are in interracial relationships do not want to date partners among their own race – This is a wrong assumption that people who are involved in interracial relationships usually date outside of their race as a form of rebellion. It cannot be denied that few people display sturdy preferences for one particular race and at the same time, it also cannot be denied that some white American males do not shy away from marrying a Chinese woman. There are many women in China who would like to date and favour white men.

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Minorities in an interracial romance tend to hate themselves – People who like to date interracially are often sadly accused of being afflicted with self-hatred. White American males who look at pictures of Chinese girls do not have any problem like this or are not suffering from self-hatred. It is now a well-known fact that many minorities also date white males or females for attaining social status in their respective countries; but at the same time, these minorities dating across a colour line are also quit proud of their own heritage.

Whites are not rebelling when they get into interracial marriages – While minorities in interracial dating relationships are being accused of rebelling or hating themselves, there are many white men from the Western countries who are pre-occupied right now on how to date a Chinese woman. These people are not marrying interracially because they like to get back at their parents; it is because they genuinely love their partners.

Minorities in interracial relationships tend to date down – It has become a common belief that coloured people who are in interracial relationships, particularly with whites, tend to date down instead of up. What they mean is that their partners are not very attractive, educated or earning well. Despite the rationale that white American males tend to enjoy a lot of privilege in societies, traditional Chinese girls are not interested in them because of money or education or because they do not look attractive. This is a misguided generalization that falls flat in reality.