Russian dating sites

Common online dating lies you should never fall for

Everyone lies once in a while and so do Russian women. In fact, anyone trying to dispute this fact is probably the biggest liar of them all. Russian dating sites have made lying very easy since both persons involved are not anywhere close to each other. There are different reasons why men and women lie in online dating and it may be a serious battle to point out which gender lies the most – let’s leave that for another day.

The major reason why hot Russian blondes would want to lie on a dating website is if they are sure you are the right person for them in terms of the qualities you have and don’t mind going the extra length to hold onto you. However, there are fraudsters who pose as Russian girls and lie to get stuff out of their victim. Whether you are new or old to online dating, there are some lies you should not fall for.

hot Russian blondesI will come to your country if you send me some money

This punch-line is particularly common among fraudsters who pose as Russian beauties. If you just began dating a Russian girl online and the next minute she is telling you about some family problems or financial issues, it is the time you hit the kill switch. Suspect a desperate swindler hiding behind a feminine mask to milk unsuspecting victims. So many have been swindled in this way and you can’t afford to be the nth victim.

Don’t take every photo for it

This is another form of non-verbal lie you are bound to meet on your way towards finding your Russian match. Though they say, ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,’ definitely not all women can stand for a contest and women know this too. A Sexy Russian lady for example who have the good bodily features but not the facial look may opt for some photo editing to make her stand out and if you let her profile picture guide you, you may just miss your mark.

The best way to wriggle out of this hook is to ask her to send you are pictures early in the morning or late at night when she wants to go to bed. If she sends them, compare them to see if it tallies with her profile picture but if it doesn’t, know it is time to look elsewhere for the bone of your bone.

Lying about age

Russian beautiesDate in Russia is most particularly marred by lies. Women in general love to lie about their age because they would want to look younger or they feel some age is not appropriate for online dating. It is very difficult to catch them if you want to use pictures because looks can be very deceptive; there are some really old people that look young facially and vice versa. The best way to try and catch a lying person is to use life events. Ask them about some life events and what they were doing when such things happened for example, did they vote when George Bush came into power and so on.

Lying about location

This is very common online dating lie. You will often hear Russian girls lie that they are at some location away from home, especially when they pose as travelers or people that are well traveled. To catch such is easy. Tell them to step out into a busy street and take a selfie. A signpost on the street or the general orientation would blow their cover if they are lying.