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Compliments South American Girls DON’T Want to Hear

Men, you will drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the female psyche, especially South American girls. Where the average female is a word search puzzle, that with time, you may figure out, these girls are a different kind of labyrinth that Stephen Hawkins couldn’t decode. These women have a mystique about them that is so tempting and alluring, but can also be quite frustrating, especially if you are one of the unfortunate fellows who suffer from ‘Foot in Mouth Disease.” This is when you open your mouth to say something nice, but apparently, it came out wrong.

South American Girls,how to say hi in Latin,

Are you one of those men that when they learned how to say hi in Latin, they accidently insulted Latina women’s entire family, the village, and the local priest without your knowledge? What you say and what these women hear are often two very different things.

Stop & Read Before You Click

Before attempting to woo sexy Latin singles on one of the dating sites, take some complimenting advice from us that will lead to some insight into the Latin woman’s way of thinking, and it might even help you meet single ladies looking for a real relationship.

When attempting to compliment Dominican women, for example, here is a list of things you shouldn’t say and why.

On Complimenting her about her looks – Keep it simple.


You look beautiful today.

So close to a good compliment until you added the quantifier “today”. To hot Dominican ladies, when they hear that compliment, they are going to hear, “You don’t look as good every other day.” Stop at “You look Beautiful.”

You look terrific for your age.

Whether your intention is to meet single Latin ladies or any woman on the planet, no female wants to hear this. You think you are complimenting her, but really you are just reminding her that younger, sexier females exist. You should have stopped at, “You look terrific.”

You look just like your mother!

From the moment a female turns 16, she tries to become everything her mother is not, and even hot Dominican women and their hot Dominican mothers are included. Play it safe, compliment the two women separately.


On Complimenting Aspects of Her Personality

I’m a woman, and I’m taking the woman’s movement back 100 years telling you this, but all women, yes ALL are vain, and South American girls are some of the worst. Therefore, do NOT compliment something about her personality without also complimenting something about her looks also. If you do, deep down in her psyche, she will ignore the compliment and focus on the fact that you didn’t find her pretty, no matter how smart, funny, outgoing, and great she is.

× I love how funny you are! =              √    I love how funny you are; it makes you all the more beautiful.

×You are so smart; it’s amazing!  √   It is so hot how your mind works.

She hears that you are intimidated by her intelligence and she’s going to have to start playing dumb and not be true to herself to keep you around. Hot Dominican ladies know that intelligence is one of the sexiest attributes a person can have, your women will want to feel attractive as well as intellectually stimulated.

South American Girls,sexy Latin singles,

  1. NEVER mention her weight

I don’t care if baby’s got the best back ever!@*$!! Do not try to compliment on Latina women’s weight to them. Even the master silver tongues can’t get this right with sexy Latin singles, so its useless to attempt it in a committed relationship unless you’re looking for disaster.

×Have you lost weight?  √  You look incredible.

×You look skinny in that dress.√ That dress is stunning.

×Your body frame carries your weight nicely. √  Your body is so sexy.

No matter your intentions, every woman around the globe is going to hear that at some point you have thought your sexy Latina love was fat, and tomorrow night you will be back to square one, back on online singles dating sites wondering where it all went wrong. Avoid all conversations about weight like the plague.

Overall, realizing that women are smarter and more complex then men, and we think about everything will help you consider how you compliment us. Women take things literally, so how you say something is interpreted very literally most times. We hope we have given you some insight on dating and especially keeping the love interest alive when seeing Latin women; Keep It Simple Suave’… KISS.