Creating Online Dating Trust; 7 Useful Tips

It is hard to trust friends that you can see these days, because you talk more about people that you cannot see. That is one of the major problems with online dating today. Gaining the trust of Chinese girls is becoming very difficult with the increasing amount of bad reviews that some online dating websites are getting. Though some of these bad reviews found on popular and reputable websites like have been proven to be the handwork of their competitors, a majority of beautiful Chinese women still take them to heart. However, there are ways to get the trust of these ladies and they are as follows;

Chinese woman1. Be yourself
When on Asian dating website, just be yourself. Some men get so nervous and overwhelmed at the idea of having a Chinese girlfriend that they begin to rant and use all sorts of exaggerated gestures in an attempt to win them over. Sadly, they end up pissing their crush off because these gestures soon begin to come off like pretense even when the guy means well in his intentions.

2. Don’t look so desperate
Too many messages, too many calls, fast tracking discussion into marriage every time are all signs of desperation. When you beep your sexy Chinese girls, give them time to reply. Sending strings of messages without giving her time to reply is sending the wrong signal. There is no better ice breaker than a simple ‘Hi’. Also, show your Chinese woman that you are concerned about her by raising topics that will allow her to talk about herself; success, failures and ambitions. Marriage should not be a priority. Let it be something that will develop over time without you forcing it.

3. Use your real pictures
Chinese women are very good at using their real pictures. Chinese women images are mostly clear and of good quality. It is good to emulate them by using your real images too. Using abstract pictures or poor quality pictures is bound to make people looks at you like a computer program or something that is unreal. A picture will also get you attention from girls who are charmed by a particular part of your body; it could be your eyes, pointy nose or six packs.

4. Devote time to chat
One way to win the trust of a china lady is to give her your time and attention in chat. If you are the type that will write a few words a day and claim you are busy, you will only be sending the wrong signal. Anyone in their right senses will ask themselves, “if you don’t have my time now that we are only dating, what guarantee do I have when we are married or into something more serious”.

 Chinese women5. Be well mannered
Learn to control your anger and frustration. Throwing tantrum at any provocation will put you in the bad light. There are times when ladies would want to test how you handle anger (which is actually a good thing) and if you show off, you lose the race.

6. Be patient
Patience is a virtue and a good one at that. Girls like a guy who would be patient enough to cover her flaws and if you are that special one, she would not waste time to say yes to you.

7. Learn about Chinese tradition
Do your homework by learning what China marriage means and how it is done. It will let your lady know that you mean business when you flaunt your knowledge. She would really appreciate it. This should not be something too hard to do because such information is online.