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‘Cushioning’ New 2017 Dating Trend That Can Ruin Your Relationship

Cushioning, the 2017 dating trend, has infected online dating, and it may be hurting your dating life as well. If you’re dating russian women, you must READ THIS right away!

There is a new trend in dating, which is spread all over online dating websites and social media platforms, and it may be ruining your life without you even realizing it.

Let us introduce you to – cushioning – one of 2017’s most common relationship destroyers.

cushioningAfter-sex surprise… cushioning

Let’s say you’re in a serious, committed relationship with one of those hot sexy russian babes you found online. You’ve just had passionate sex…

You’re lying there, naked, stroking her shoulder with your hand, while she is checking her phone. And then you see a notification from some random guy pop up at the top of her screen.

It’s some funny message, and from his tone you know that it’s not his first message to her. It wouldn’t be unusual if some guy wrote to her ‘Hi’ trying to pick up your Russian lady, because everyone wants to chat russian women.

But they’ve chatted already, you know it. It’s obvious from his message. But you play it cool and forget about it. After all, there are so many men who desire to date ladies from russia that the funny message may have been his pick-up line.

But then his name pops up weeks later. They’re chatting. It’s obvious. “What’s the deal?” you ask your russian dating girl. She says it’s a colleague or some friend of a friend.

It’s innocent, she wants you to believe. Well, it may be innocent. Or it may be the case of cushioning.

chat russian womenHere’s how relationships get ruined by cushioning

Cushioning is the practice of flirting with other people – while you’re in a serious relationship – just to make sure you have some insurance on the side in case your relationship comes to an end in the not too distant future.

Basically, the cushioner chats with someone on online dating websites or social media for months while in a serious, committed relationship, just to “cushion” their fall if the current relationship is over.

There’s no antidote against cushioning, as sexy russian blondes and Chinese ladies can be doing this. While the cushioners will most likely not cheat with that “cushion” while in a relationship, they can jump on that “cushion” the moment they get dumped.

local russian womenDump your girlfriend if she’s doing this…

And if you date hot russian girls and you catch your girlfriend doing this – it may be a good reason to break up with her.

Basically, while local russian women think cushioning is a way out for them to avoid suffering and loneliness, cushioning actually increases the chances of getting dumped.

The mere notion of your girlfriend flirting with someone online just so she has the Plan B is reason enough to break up with her.

You’d be better off finding a new girlfriend – be sure there are plenty of single women in russia, and thankfully not all hot sexy russian babes engage in cushioning.

However, if you’re in an open, casual relationship – when the two of you have beforehand agreed that you can do whatever you want (chatting, flirting, kissing, sex) with other people – then cushioning doesn’t apply here.

ladies from russiaBut if you and your russian dating girl are in a serious relationship – the one where you’re about to get engaged, planning to start a family or are simply in a monogamous relationship – cushioning must absolutely be forbidden.

It doesn’t mean, however, that you should hover over her phone 24/7 or worse – read her private messages (that kind of stuff can get you dumped in a relationship) – do keep a sharp eye when she’s chatting with someone.

And it’d probably be a good idea to see if there’s a guy that keeps liking her on social media, tags her on funny pictures, sends her romantic music – and all that stuff guys trying to get into a girl’s pants do.