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Dating Chinese Women: When is the Right Timing to Ask Her to be Your Girlfriend

If you are excited about dating Chinese women, you need to do things right before getting into a relationship. Asking a girl out too soon could ruin any potential of a future relationship in case neither of you is ready for it. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the best timing to ask someone out. There is no precise time that you should pick as every relationship differentiates. Some couples are ready to commit earlier; some take much longer. However, certain factors will make you conclude whether it’s the right time to ask her our or not.

Dating Chinese Women

Things to Consider Before Asking Her Out
Beautiful Chinese girls need to take some time to get to know you so they can start dating you. They need to know that you two could potentially have a future together and that you are worth her time. Before figuring out if she is ready to date you, you need to determine if you are ready for a relationship as well. It requires a lot of time, effort; for those that truly like their partners, that time and effort are spent joyfully. However, those that don’t like their partners too much, find the commitment too hard. The following factors will help you conclude whether it’s the right time to ask her out.

1.How do you feel around her?
Is the time you spend together the best time of your day? When you are dating a Chinese girl, every date should be special (even if you don’t necessarily do something special). Keeping each other company is all it takes for you two to feel good. You feel comfortable, you have many topics to talk about and you never want to rush back home because you are too bored with her. Let’s keep it clear, the odds that you will develop strong feelings at the very beginning are very little. Mature Chinese women do not go into relationships blindly. You don’t have to be crazy about someone but you do need to love spending time with them. If you feel that way, she surely feels the same way. If you feel all the mentioned things but you think she doesn’t as she appears very quiet, reserved and cold; maybe you are ready but she is not. The point is that you both need to be comfortable together.

2.Do you miss her?
Missing the lady you want to date is one of the strongest signs of your affection for her. It will mean that the time you spent together was truly amazing and that you are developing feelings for her. Even if you meet a woman on China dating sites and you are not seeing her regularly but you are texting every day; you will miss her if you don’t text for only a few hours. Feelings do not have boundaries; regardless of the communication method, you will always want to talk to her.

3.Are you flirtatious?
Flirt is an essential part of a relationship, especially in the early stages. It makes the two of you connect more and want each other more. Chinese wives like to be flirtatious even after years of marriage as it keeps it fresh and fun. Since you are still not even dating officially, you should be really flirtatious around one another. It doesn’t have to be sexual but it should feel nice and exciting. Even if you ask her to date you, you shouldn’t stop flirting. Take that as an important part of your relationship and don’t let it vanish.

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4.Is she giving you hints?
Women are not good at hiding their emotions. If she really wants to date you, she will give you some hints one way or another. It may be a conversation about your future together or her being more gentle around you than she usually is; Chinese brides like to be feminine around their men. If she is wearing her nicest dresses, high-heels and is gentle, she wants you to notice it. Another hint could be a potential jealousy scene. If she is questioning you about your female friend or gets upset when you don’t reply for a long time, then she wants you to be more committed to her.

5.Are you ready to commit?
Commitment doesn’t sound scary at all if you are ready for it. In fact, you will commit willingly because you have no interest in any other woman. Chinese mail order brides are very committed and they will want the same from you. You need to give up on your occasional flings and flirts with other girls. Most importantly, you will only want to do certain things with your significant one. You will want to share all your feelings with her and that will be enough for you. If you have been talking for a couple of months and your interest for her has only been growing, then you should be ready to commit. In return, you will get her commitment as well. Apart from eliminating other romance-related contacts from your life, Chinese dating free will require a new organization of your other activities so you can have time for your relationship. Therefore, work, your friends, hobbies, and even your family time will need little adjustments. If you are ready for all that, you should ask her to be your girlfriend!