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Do Girls Like Shy Guys Who Don’t Make A Bold Move

Ever wondered whether girls like shy guys who don’t make a bold move? Read on to learn about the dating life of a shy guy, what girls look out for in them and why women prefer dating a shy guy as opposed to the confident broader.

Chinese ladies for datingChinese girls, and all girls for that matter, like to be protected. They love the peace of mind that comes with knowing her man has got her back. But above all things, they cherish honesty. Honesty is the key to sustaining any relationship and no woman would want to get into a relationship that will end within a twinkle of an eye.

Shy guys are known to be more honest than their counterparts. This honesty, backed by their shyness, ends up making them more adorable.

Yes, beautiful Chinese women like shy guys who don’t make a bold move. This likeness is linked to the concept that they assume they are equally “iron ladies”. However, the length to which you haven’t made the bold move will determine how long she will still hang out with you.

6 Reasons why girls like shy guys

If you are a shy guy finding it difficult to make a bold move towards this gorgeous chick that you like a lot, then the following insight into the woman’s world should be your light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t feel like you will never have her, because she probably already likes you and is just waiting for you to ask. If you are lucky enough, she may even be the one to ask you!

You can bet on this, if a woman goes out of her way to spend time with you, be sure she is into you. And if she’s into you, she doesn’t want to lose you and yes, that pretty Chinese lady can make a move to a shy guy who isn’t bold enough to do so.

Are you feeling inadequate about yourself? Well, better have a look at the following traits you possess, but only she notices but won’t tell you.

  1. Shy guy doesn’t have sinister motives. She knows that you do not have any other hidden agenda and that makes her feel much deeper for you.
  2. By the virtue that you are a shy guy makes you a no womanizer. Women don’t like sharing. They like to have a guy fully for themselves and thus will like you for that. She actually believes she won’t find you locked in the room viewing pics of cute Chinese girls.
  3. Shy guys are good listeners. Research shows that women are more talkative than guys. They go about ranting how their day was, how they think this chick in the office is sleeping with her boss and how bad the game was. To do so, they need someone who can pay full-time attention to her.
  4. Shy guys are more faithful and sex may not even be a major concern to them.
  5. They express more concern and care than their counterparts.
  6. She is confident you will not kiss and tell. That dude who is so full of himself will jump from village to village telling of how he has kissed all types of chicks. A shy guy on the other hand keeps all that between him and the hot young Chinese girl

beautiful Chinese womenAs much as a guy is shy, there are some vital things that one has to guarantee in his efforts to get Chinese ladies for dating. What do Chinese women like? They don’t care about a guy’s shyness; all they are concerned about is his greatness which is shown in the following three important ways:

  • The guy depicts the ability to protect her both emotionally and physically
  • The guy proves to be someone dependable
  • They guy is pursuing her

Most shy guys fail miserably in all the three requirements, but with a clever play-off, some are able to score some marks. Those who aren’t able to up their game overtime end up letting the cute Asian woman become a friend rather than a girlfriend.

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