Asian dating

Does the place you meet your partner have any effect on the relationship?

You may not have thought that the place you met your sexy Chinese girl had anything to do with your relationship, right? Time to burst your bubbles. A research was recently published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships which showed that the place you met your would-be-partner affects the bonding and how supportive they will be willing to be in the long run.

The girls from ChinaPicking and acting at the right time is all that matters people will always tell you – and it sure does in most circumstances – but when it comes to Asian dating, WHERE is just as important as WHEN – and maybe even more important. Also, your social circle will play a big role in stipulating which relationship flourishes and the one which becomes nothing but bad memories.

There is currently a surprise wave of men lined up on online dating websites hoping to get hot Chinese girls as girlfriends and potential wives. Chinese girls are not also making things easy for foreign men seeking Chinese women online. The men, without realizing it, spend a good part of their day viewing sexy Chinese girl video.

This trend has definitely to do with the ease of getting a Chinese woman in any age category – including a married Chinese woman who had lost her husband. However, there are great places you can meet tons of Chinese women (as shown below) and be sure of building a lasting relationship rather than sticking your head into online dating – that most times never ends well.

Business or networking events

Everyone who attends a business or networking event came for the sole purpose of getting better enlightened in their career or to improve their career. So, if you need a career oriented woman who is business savvy and a go-getter, then you should attend a networking event. The good thing about such events is that it takes off the pressure of meeting her because both of you have a common ground. The only rule is that you should keep things at a pseudo-professional level. Being overtly flirty may portray you as irresponsible.

Malls and departmental stores

Shopping, as someone rightly mentioned, is a female sport. The girls from China can go to the mall or shops and spend alarming hours picking and dropping one item or the other. This makes it the perfect place to meet Chinese seeking to date foreign men. You can offer to pay her bills or just carry her bag out of the mall and things can build up from there.

Working as volunteer

sexy Chinese girlIf you dedicate your time to a course – for which you do not demand to be paid, it shows you are passionate about it. There is nothing better than having a partner who shares your passion. It has been shown that a good number of Chinese women that love to volunteer are single. Volunteering to work in an event you know would have mixed nationals may be a great place to find yourself a Chinese woman who thinks in a way similar to you.

Hardware shops

Let’s face it, a woman in a hardware store who is swinging the hammer or loading or unloading supplies is most certainly single. You can offer to help her if you can or if she is doing something that requires some kind of skill, you may offer to keep her company. What you should know about women in hardware stores is that they are determined and work hard – and would most certainly be a miss independent. If you are looking for a woman with such qualities, you know where to go.