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What Asian Brides REALLY Think About Western Men

Ever since the so-called “yellow fever” went mainstream and hundreds of millions of men around the world completely lost their mind wanting to date Asian brides, there have been quite a few myths about Chinese women.

Surprisingly, millions of men still believe in these myths and, sadly, the ideal Asian woman they are so eagerly looking for may not even exist. You see, she may have existed a few centuries ago, but it would be naïve and absurd to believe that she still exists in 2018.

The vast majority of Western men who are looking for Chinese women to marry are guided by certain myths and misconceptions, which we’re going to debunk today, and, to fill the void, reveal what China girls for marriage REALLY think about Westerners.

Myth #1:Chinese women are perfect wives

China girls for marriageMillions of foreign men still expect Chinese women to be perfect wives who serve their husbands, are submissive. If you’re one of those guys who whispers to himself “I want to marry a Chinese girl” when checking profiles of ladies on Chinese dating sites, you may want to stop believing this myth that traces its roots back to centuries ago.

In today’s world,Chinese girls looking for men strive to have equal rights and want their husbands to treat them with respect and take their opinion into account. A Chinese woman is no longer a toy that can be used and exploited just to satisfy your ego.

It doesn’t mean, however, that all Chinese girls online will be bad wives and aren’t worth your time. On the contrary, China girls for marriage do make good wives, but they expect marriage to be founded on trust and mutual respect.

Myth #2: Asian women chase Western guys

women to marryIf you truly want to meet China girls, you may want to ask yourself this: are you looking for Chinese for marriage just because you hope that an Asian girl will treat you as her god?

Because if you are, we have bad news for you! Not all Chinese women are sweet, innocent and submissive. In fact, some studies show that modern Asian women are independent and strong. This may have something to do with the fact that so many Westerners still believe in those absurd and bizarre myths about Asian brides. Luckily for you, we’re debunking these misconceptions.

Myth #3:Chinese women only care about money

Okay, it’s time to put an end to this one once and for all. Look, there are still some Asian ladies (as it is in other nationalities) who treat dating a Western man as a “ticket to a better life,” but it doesn’t mean that ALL Asian women care about the size of your wallet.

It’s fair to say that most Chinese women who sign up on free Chinese dating sites are looking to fall in love, have a real relationship, start a family, and explore new romantic opportunities. Think about it this way: let’s say you live in a house full of redheads. You wouldn’t limit yourself to just dating redheads, and would instead explore other options, wouldn’t you? And in doing so, you wouldn’t be pursuing a “ticket to a better life,” right?

Myth #4: Asian girls are crazy about sex

girls looking for men

This is something that explains the whole Asian fetish and yellow fever thing (and also why there are so many porn videos featuring Asian women nowadays). In reality, a Chinese woman’s sex preferences, sexuality, and open-mindness in the bedroom depends strictly on the girl (as it is true about women of all ethnicities).Chinese dating online