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Dos and Don’ts of Dating Chinese Women

Recently, there has been a sudden upwards trend of American men dating Chinese women. Asian beauties have always appealed to the average American man; however, it has been the modern developments in technology that has made it easier than ever to approach these Chinese girls. Social networks and dating apps have paved a simple and efficient way to Asian dating that was not possible before. It has opened doors to not just China but other previously closed off countries as well.

Since China’s economic boom, it has emerged as a frontrunner for global development. It has definitely led to American and Chinese people coming closer and familiarizing themselves with each other’s culture and background.

You will come across a number of platforms that promote cross cultural integration between the two countries and there are also many Chinese travel agencies opening up which facilitate easy access to China itself. Many Americans are now going to China to look for new experiences and learn the language in order to become close with the Chinese.

Chinese girl Similarly, the Chinese are also becoming more and more inclined towards the Western culture. A lot of them can also fluently speak English, while those who cannot are enrolled in classes. In fact, English classes and teaching it, is a great way to meet young China girls.

There are also Chinese dating sites where one can easily find a China girl and set up a date with her if she responds positively. Many American men have also availed access to QQ and Chinese social networks in an effort to meet Chinese friends and to look for potential dates. Some have even managed to find a Chinese bride in the long run after hitting off with a date and building a successful relationship.

When you are dating Chinese women, it is imperative to remember that they will not be similar to the girls from your country or culture. Asian women, in particular, are very different to western women. Some gurus even advice that when you are dating a Chinese woman, forget everything you already know about dating and start fresh.

One other thing to note here is the first date impression. This defines how your relationship will progress further or if it will just fizzle put past the first date. You have to be on your best when you are taking out a Chinese girl for the very first time. Spending some money and bringing her a few gifts will not lead you anywhere, you have to match your personality with hers and think on your feet.

These are a few dos and don’ts of dating Chinese women that will help you through:

  • Chinese womenDo not stereotype. Be open to new ideas.
  • Accept their cultural beliefs, particularly those which are related to medicine.
  • Chinese women are fun loving. Try to be interesting and avoid a lot of business talk.
  • Refrain from asking awkward first date questions about their culture and values that can put them off. Be familiar with most of it before you take them out.
  • Communicate openly and encourage her to talk.
  • Impress her.
  • A usual date will not work with a Chinese girl. If you are thinking about taking her out for dinner or a movie, try to avoid that. Keep it simple and ask her out for coffee or go for a walk. She will be uch more impressed and likely to go out with you for another date this way.
  • Her family is important to her. Respect them and understand her bounds.

Some of these tips will come in handy when you are about to go out with a Chinese girl. Meeting sexy Chinese women is not difficult, but you have to understand that it is not easy to keep them interested. You have to be quick, spontaneous and think different.