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Double 11: Find a hot Chinese girl on China’s Singles Day

If there is any Chinese holiday that encourages single Chinese women to go out on the streets, then it would be Double 11, China’s Singles Day. There is no way you’re going to have more chances to meet single Asian girls than on this day.

So make a note in your calendar: “Visit China on November 11!” The holiday is getting increasingly popular among young Chinese women and men. You may laugh, but this holiday is also called the ‘Bare Sticks Day’.

And while you would think it has something to do with penises, you’re wrong! It’s because 11.11 (November 11) looks like two pairs of lonely sticks (singles), and plus ‘bare sticks’ is often used in China to describe bachelors.

Chinese womenIf you’re hanging out on some Chinese dating site and don’t know when is the best time to send a ‘Hi!’ message to this Chinese girl you’ve been staring at for the past few weeks, know this: the Singles Day is the day when young Chinese women are particularly pressured to get married.

So you have a high chance of having this girl return your messages, as this is the day when Chinese women feel particularly lonely and somewhat depressed. Although there are millions of Chinese women who take pride in their loneliness, it’s definitely not about women who signed up on China dating websites.

The Double 11 encourages people to hold matchmaking events around China so that millions of single Chinese women and men could find their love. And when a Chinese girl has spent the entire Singles Day looking for her true love on the streets, and she comes back home and turns on her laptop, we’d say the chances are pretty high that she will respond to your message on some China women dating website.

This is the time when she’ll desperately need your attention, and you can surely give her your attention, can’t you? And that’s how you could end up hooking up with your future sexy Chinese wife!

But if you don’t know the right approach to chatting with Chinese women online, let us break it down for you.

Use your sense of humor and don’t let her feel boring around you. The online conversation must be fun for you both, or she’ll never agree to make a video call, let alone meet in person. A Chinese woman needs to feel comfortable and safe around you first, and the best way to establish that online is through your genuine interest in her.

So make sure you ask questions about her life, interests and plans. Don’t bore her with questions about her work and study, she surely didn’t sign up on that dating website to talk about the things that take up most of her precious day. Let her feel relaxed and at ease with you.

single Chinese womenEspecially after a long Singles Day, a single Chinese woman will surely want to enjoy a glass of wine in the company of a good listener. So be that good listener for her!

A great way to establish a romantic connection would be to ask her about her family and Chinese culture and traditions. Chinese people are very passionate about their country and family, so by asking questions about it, you hit a honey hole!

Keep your honesty and curiosity at the highest level possible when chatting with a Chinese girl. Don’t jump from one topic to another, as she’ll think that you’re asking all those questions out of politeness and in order to get in her panties as soon as possible.

Revealing herself from the inside (her interests, personality, fears, hopes, wishes, etc.) is a sort of a foreplay for a Chinese girl. And you know that skipping foreplay is never a good thing, right?