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Drinking Alcohol On A First Dates: Why It Kills Your Dating Game With Russian Girls

Drinking an alcoholic cocktail on a first date. It seems as if everyone does it, from Russian girls to Ukrainian and Columbian ladies. But we rarely even think about how drinking one or two cocktails affects our dating game.

Let’s face it: you’ve been doing it your entire life to find a Russian girlfriend on the best free dating site for serious relationships and casual hook-ups. You order two or three (or more) drinks throughout the first date to make the conversation flow as smooth as a bottle of champagne with radiant aromas and fascinating bubbles. Or you even drink small or moderate amounts of alcohol prior to the first date to eliminate the anxiety and pre-date jitters.

Russian dateBut here’s why you’ll have to ditch your drinking habit on first dates if you truly want to find a Russian girl for a serious relationship or marriage: drinking alcohol on first dates gives you a false sense of connection with the person on the other side of the table. That chemistry you can feel with anyone after a drink or two makes you less successful at modern dating. And that’s a fact.

Statistics: half of all women and men drink during a date

Statistics shows that nearly half of the population, both males and females, drink alcohol during a date, while more than a third of all singles choose to drink prior to their first date. On average, singles gulp down two to three drinks throughout the course of a date.

And while we’re hoping that the following numbers don’t refer to you, a startling nearly 20 percent of all guys have gotten wasted on their first date at least once in their life. Even more surprisingly, nearly 17 percent of women have gotten drunk on a first date.old Russian lady

Why people drink on first dates

It’s quite understandable why nearly every young and old Russian lady chooses to order alcoholic cocktails throughout a first date. After all, modern dating has made us feel obligated to be more relaxed, confident, fun, and desirable. We tend to think if we deviate from these four elements of the “perfect date” at least a bit, we will no longer be dateable or sexy in the eyes of our date.

But this mindset is wrong on its cellular level, as you can actually date the hottest Russian girls while being completely sober. Yes, you can be just as fun, confident, and desirable without having to sit there and slowly accumulate alcohol in your system.

Why drinking alcohol can ruin your dating game

The problem with drinking on first dates is that we become increasingly dependent on alcohol, to the point when we think that only the tipsy or drunk version of us can be successful at dating a Russian girl.

While dating apps have a plethora of benefits, they are one of the reasons why so many people resort to alcohol on first dates to feel comfortable nowadays. After all, you have no idea who the person you’re about to meet really is (those short bio descriptions and a couple of dating profile pics never paint the real picture).Russian girl

Even if you’ve spent countless hours in the chat roulette Russian getting to know your Russian date, the mere thought of meeting this person face to face for a physical date can be quite intimidating and anxiety-provoking. The solution? For many people, it’s alcohol.

How to be confident, relaxed and SOBER on a first date

But drinking alcohol is never the best solution, especially when it comes to dating. People tend to assume that a drink or two is the only way to feel relaxed and confident on a date, but they tend to forget that crossing the line between a desirable person and a drunk, speech-slurring individual can be very easy when you keep ordering alcoholic beverages during a date. It helps a lot to do at least a couple of webcam video sessions with a Russian girl prior to going on a date with her.

The best solution to feel confident, relaxed, and fun on your first date while being sober or ordering a maximum of one-two drinks in the course of the evening is to spend more hours communicating via CamShare or real-life Video Show prior to agreeing to meet in person with your Russian mail a Russian girl,