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First Chinese Date – What Should You Do For A Feel Good Factor?

Most first dates suck and people usually do not wish to meet each other ever again but sometimes cupid strikes, and a first date turns out to be a magical affair. Yes, there can be first Chinese date that will leave you asking for more and give you perpetual butterflies in your stomach. Have you had a great first date and can’t wait to meet the Chinese girl again? Great, start by being thankful that you had a good time and did not want to run away while pretending to use the restroom. Once the happiness has settled in, ask yourself what happened? Why did you enjoy the date?

The answer to this is that you both clicked and there can be a chemistry if you can work on it. go into this knowing that a second date may not be as good as your first or it might turn into a surreal experience and you may end up announcing that you have found a couple of Chinese mail order brides. In short, there is no guarantee about the outcome. So, here are a few things that you need consider before diving into a second date and eventually a relationship.Chinese girls pic

Comfort Level

Were both of you comfortable throughout the date and did you feel at ease enough to express your thoughts properly? First dates are a nervous affair and they often leave your stammering for words but they should get better as time passes and you should be able to express your feelings properly. If you didn’t feel cozy and welcome and were dying to leave the situation asap, you do not have to pretend anymore, it is very obvious that you both did not click, and you should not attempt for a second date. There is not potential in such a relationship. But is you both were actually feeling free to talk about anything and there was no holding back, you are on the right track with your hot Chinese lady.


Laughter is a sign of comfort. So, think back to your first date and try to remember if you both had a hearty laugh? A good sense of humor and a laughter can indicate that you both were comfortable with each other and you actually understand each other’s joke. This is a clear sign you should call for a second date with your pretty Chinese woman. On the other hand, if you were holding back your one liners and you were laughing gracefully like royalty, it is indicative that you both were pretending and not comfortable with each other. In that case, rather than picking your phone, you should run for the of Chinese women

Two Way Conversations

Two conversations are very important for an online as well as in person relationship to move ahead and stay strong. If, while doing a China video chat, you feel that the lady is not emotionally available to you and is only talking about herself, you should take this as a negative sign. A positive sign will be when you both ask each other questions and both are interested in learning more about the other. So, think back and try to remember, did she ask you any questions, was she interested in your hobbies, food choices, family, etc. If the answer is yes, go for a second date but if it’s not, do not bother to call.


Did you see any signs of respect? Small things like being polite to waiters or their posture are indicative of a person’s manners. If you see pictures of Chinese women, you will realize that they are decent ladies and give and take respect in everything because it is a part of their culture and upbringing. So, it won’t be hard to judge when your Chinese date isn’t being respectful and if that happened on the first date, there is no point going in for a second date.

Deal breakers

When you meet a lady on best Chinese dating sites, make sure to read their bio properly and look for deal breakers. Deal breakers are the points that you do not agree upon like political opinions and smoking. Even if you miss the profile, you can sit and observe on your first date and look for red flags. If there is a deal breaker between you two, it is best to end the story with the first date and not drag it to several other dates only to end up heartbroken.

Chinese dating free sites are a plenty and you will also meet a plenty of hot Chinese ladies but that does not guarantee you will end up in a great relationship. Once you have chosen your lady, it is really up to you and your analytical skills to rightly identify all the signs and make or break the deal.asian women