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First date mistake that cannot be forgiven

Chinese women hate it when the man that is supposed to steal her heart shows up to the date looking nervous, shabby or smells like a fisherman who bathed with the water they used to wash fishes that have been cut open.  These are illustrations that can make a bad first date but there are even worst scenario that would make most sexy Chinese girls call it a quit – what you may like to call the unforgiving sins.

 most sexy Chinese girlsCausing her deliberate pain

The list of unforgiving sins is enormous but the first on the list – but definitely not the most annoying – is when you are deliberately causing her pain. For example, there are girls who don’t like being poked on their shoulder. She tells you she doesn’t like it but you continue to do it and each time you do it, you ask her if it annoys her.  This is totally absurd and shows lack of respect for the lady even when they already know each other so well talk more of doing it on a first date.

Solo date

In a solo date, you invite her for a date and end up being the one that enjoys the whole show while she is left behind. For example, a girl was once invited to a race-track by a guy whom she tried to give a chance in her life. She arrived at the race-track and was treated to adrenaline pumping performance. It started out thrilling but as she stood for hours on the sideline, her thrill was lost to abandonment. It soon became glaring that the online person enjoying the date was the guy with his friends while his supposed girlfriend was used to feed his ego. It will be hard to find a beautiful China woman that will agree to go on a second date with such a man.beautiful China woman

Moving on the fast lane

Some guys just need to chill when it comes to first date. Imagine a scenario where a guy met a girl and they agreed to meet in a restaurant for dinner. After a couple of drinks and admiring the lady’s bulging chest, the guy started to tell the lady of how they should fly across the world after the dinner to meet his mom for their marriage preparations – all on a first date. The guy must be crazy or high on alcohol, little mention that the whole conversation felt like a job interview or police interrogation.

The pet side of it

When a guy shows up on a date with a pet, it shows he loves the pet more than the date. What will be worse is if his conversation keeps circling around his pet and it happens that the lady has no interest pet talk, they will not be able to get on the same page. Ladies love guys that sell all their attention to them when they come to a date – nibbling on a smartphone is strongly frowned at.

The demon called autocorrect

Smartphone is the new cool when it comes to Chinese dating sites in China. You carry your date on the go. Online dating is also very flexible since you will get to see many sexy Chinese girl photos and pick the one that appeals to you the most. However, a good conversation can turn sour or insulting because of the intervention of autocorrect that comes with smartphones. You know what you have in mind to say – and you wrote what you had in mind but somehow autocorrect flips it and it means something entirely different from what you mean. No matter how you try to explain, you may not be forgiven if the new sentence caused a serious dent.

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