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Flirt With Russian Girls Without Saying A Word. 5 Body Language Tricks To Master

They say it’s difficult to flirt with Russian girls because of the language barrier, but what if we tell you that there are ways to flirt with Russian women without actually saying a word?

If you want to gain an advantage and get some girl to like you before you even have the chance to say “Hello!” you should definitely check out our tips on how to silently seduce nice Russian girls with nonverbal cues.

Body language is key to being successful in picking up girls. You’ve probably heard this hundreds of times. Well, body language may not be your main weapon on the best online dating sites (unless you speak to girls via WebCam or Skype), but knowing how to attract females without saying a single word will definitely be a useful tool in your arsenal.

nice Russian girlsAssert physical space

Long before Russian women chat with you, and long before you lay your eyes on some girl, try conveying control and asserting dominance whenever you are in public. This can be done through body language. No, we aren’t suggesting anything extreme.

All you need to do to come off as a confident and masculine man is not be afraid to assert personal and physical space. For example, if you’re at a bar or restaurant, rest your arm against a nearby chair or couch if you sit at a table. Or lean against the bar using your elbow. In such a way, you get to score extra points among Russian mail order beauties, because Russian girls love masculine men who’re in control.

Stop crossing your arms!

You may be frequently crossing your arms when checking our Russian dating pics on some Russian chat site, but this is the habit you need to ditch if you want to flirt with Russians without saying a single word.

By crossing your arms, what you do is basically say those around you, “Hey, back off, I’m isolated from you, don’t even try to bother me!” That’s definitely not the message you want to be sending when you’re in public.

Believe it or not, men who don’t cross their arms are considered more attractive and confident. In fact, avoid any poses that close off your body if you want to be good at dating in Russia.

Russian mail orderSmile, but not too much

You’ve probably heard numerous times that women want to date guys with a sense of humor. And every time you hear this tip, you think, “Well, why don’t I wear a smile on my face whenever I’m around a girl I like?” If this sounds like you, we have bad news for you…

Studies have shown that women think a man smiling too much is a sign of femininity and lack of confidence. These aren’t the messages you want to be sending with your body language, are they?

However, in no way does it mean that you should keep a poker face 24/7. All we mean is that you should get rid of a smile that is too wide and that shows up every time someone says something not even remotely funny.

Touch your face

If you’ve seen photoshoots of handsome male actors and celebrities, you’ve probably wondered, “Why do they keep touching their face on nearly all of the photos?” And the most bizarre thing is, “Why do they look so hot in these photos? What’s the big deal?”

You see, a man rubbing his jaw or scratching his chin draws attention to his most masculine features, which something you absolutely should be doing if you want to attract nice Russian girls with your body language. And the best part is this: you don’t necessarily need to have that chiseled jaw to make girls want to eat you with their eyes when you touch your face.

Lay your eyes on her

Making eye contact is one of the most powerful nonverbal things an alpha male does to let a woman know that he has chosen her, and that she’s special. This is true whenever you walk in the park and glance at some girl, and even on some Russia dating site when you finally do a webcam video chat and you look straight into the camera.

These things are absolute “musts” in your nonverbal vocabulary, as they help you assert dominance and masculinity. However, avoid staring at Russian girls too intensely or for too long, as these things may actually make you come off as a weirdo or obnoxiously aggressive. Yes, your eyes can either help you pick up a girl or make you look like a potential threat to her safety. So be careful with this nonverbal weapon in your body language arsenal.