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Full Chinese Girl Picture: Comparing Women In Their 40s and 20s

This isn’t some in-depth analysis that will provide all the answers to your questions about dating sexy Chinese girls in their 40s. This is a general Chinese girl picture to understand the difference between dating Chinese ladies in their 40s vs. Chinese girls their 20s.

It would be naïve to think that there’s little to no difference in the mindset of a Chinese girl in her 20s and a mature Chinese woman in her 40s (or approaching her 40s). Most women understand what they want from their love life and what qualities they should be looking for in their life partner by 30 after several breakups, fights, mishaps, disappointments, and, for some, even divorces.

By 40, beautiful Chinese women for marriage are confident about what they want from their romantic relationship and will never settle for a guy who keeps lying, cheating, playing games, beating her, treating her with no respect, and trying to buy her attention or a night with her with expensive gifts and Chinese girls

No, Chinese dating rules change dramatically for women in their 40s. A mature Chinese woman in her 40s is no longer some naïve Chinese girl you can fool around or treat like an object. More often than not, a mature Chinese woman is full of self-respect and self-esteem, and for good reason.

But what do Chinese women in their 40s want? To answer that question, we surveyed mature Chinese women from one of the best online dating sites in 2019, AsiaMe.


Unlike girls in their 20s, who don’t know the real value of honesty and its importance in a romantic relationship, Chinese women in their 40s consider honesty to be one of the key traits their prospective significant other should have.

Yes, a Chinese woman in her 20s may give you a second chance after she caught you lying, but Chinese women in their 40s will never tolerate dishonesty in a relationship. So if you’re looking for China girl but have a problem with staying honest and consistent, dating ladies in their 40s will most likely turn out to be a disaster for you.a Chinese girl


Chinese girls in their 20s watch quite a lot romantic comedies and dramas where heroines get overly dramatic and emotional out of nowhere and, often, for no reason at all. So these girls can act the same way in real life in their own relationship. Unfortunately, these dramatic battles damage the relationship, and each dispute, no matter how insignificant it is, can become the cause of a breakup.

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You will most likely not expect any of this when dating a mature Chinese woman who knows when it’s worth the time, energy, and effort to get into an argument. Typically, Chinese women in their 40s start fights only for major issues, not because they are bored or have an insatiable desire to yell at someone.

Playing games

Forget about playing mind games when dating Chinese or Japanese women in their 40s. Leave those mind games to naïve girls in their 20s, because every woman who respects herself will never waste time on men who aren’t committed to a relationship, who aren’t prepared to put an effort to make their relationship work, or who are immature enough to play emotional games.

Feelings over money

A mature woman who respects herself wouldn’t stay in a relationship for the sake of money. This is a mistake many girls in their 20s make when dating men with money. They tolerate a man’ bad behavior, cheating, lies, and other nonsense simply because they bring home the dough. A Chinese woman in her 40s knows her worth and will always choose feelings over money. This has nothing to do with Chinese dating customs, this is just common sense.


Finally, let’s talk about love. When a man professes his love to a woman in her 20s, she will be head over heels and beyond happy to hear the words, “I love you.” But a Chinese woman in her 40s will not take your “I love you” seriously until she sees that you actually love you with a pure heart and this will be evident from your actions.