Chinese girl

Get your spectacles on

When I say get your spectacles on I don’t mean the type yuppies put on for fashion’s sake, both under the sun and inside a dark room that makes one begin to ponder what it is actually meant for. I mean the type of spectacle that will enable you to see into the heart of human beings.

You will really need it to see beyond this Chinese girl‘s surface beauty and into her deep humane heart because on the surface she may appear repulsive. Guess you have to go through the bee to get the honey right?

Take a minute and admire her picture again. Did anything catch your eyes? I reckon you don’t because you don’t have that invisible spectacles on yet. Allow me to guide you through.

Take a look at her glossy red inviting lips, don’t you want to take a bite? Look at her smooth shoulders, amazingly spotless! Aren’t they? OK, go up again and look at her killer smiles. Now tell me you are not smiling alone.

pretty Chinese womanLips is an adventurer and tough inside (forget about her fragile looking nature) so you should not be scared of inviting her to the jungle, like Lara croft she will raid any tomb there.
Enough of the talking because talk is cheap. Go ahead with the boldness of Hulk Hogan and click her profile. Count yourself lucky to still find such a pretty Chinese woman waiting for you.

Lips is a fighter, I am not talking about John Cena, Great Khali or the Undertaker of wrestleania. She is stronger than them all. I have told you before not to mind her breakable plate nature. She is stronger than anything you can think of. This is how she puts it, “People regard me as an independent lady due to the environment I grew up with, and I am proud for myself that I have the ability to pull through difficulty and rise above”.

Further more, I don’t think there is anyone that understands love better than Lips. Learn from what she has to say, “I used to see LOVE as a complicated and divine mystery. I’ve witnessed people get heart broken, torn and lost in relationship, and been asked myself many times since love is such a trouble, why we risk ourselves of getting hurt like a flying moth darts into the fire? Now I come to realize that Love is Fire, Love is Life, love is having someone waiting for you after work, love is when you wake up being greeting with a kiss and smile, and love is when you feel sad and you have a shoulder to lean on. There are so much more beautiful than getting hurt in love, isn’t it?”

I am out of words for you bro. If you want to know more, talk to Lips. She is waiting for you. Join our Chinese dating website and get to know her more.