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Gorgeous China Doll Mei

Looking to meet and fall in love with a real life China doll? Well we’d like to introduce you to our beautiful Chinese girl named Mei. She yearns for true love with a profound desire to find a loving, kind hearted Western man that will love her. She has genuine appreciation of what being part of a loving family is since she refers to her own childhood as being ‘pink’ having been raised by kind, loving parents that nurtured her. She gives credit to her parents for becoming the beautiful independent young woman that she is today. She states that certainly knows business success as an accountant, but is sadly all alone. Her heart cries out for a loving man that will truly cherish and adore her.

beautiful Chinese girlThere are lots of stunning young single professional women in China that just like young Mei, wish nothing more than to find love. They turn to online Chinese dating sites in pursuit of happiness with a Western man like YOU. All you need to do is reach out. It’s that easy! It’s hard to believe isn’t it?

A little more specifically about our unique China doll Mei— she comes from the beautiful thriving city of Kunming; the capital of Yunnan Province also known as ‘City of Eternal Spring’ due it’s mild weather conditions. At just 22 years old; this young Libra Chinese woman is filled with a colourful energetic vibrancy. She enjoys tennis, yoga and various active sports as well as travel, being immersed in different cultures and of course, watching movies.

Mei also wishes for YOU to know that she is referred to as ‘xiaomei’— a cute nickname in China meaning ‘homophonic plum’. Imagine your very own little sweet and sour Chinese delight! Scrumptious!

Mei, this pretty Chinese woman promises her Western lover that there will be plenty of delightful sexy sweet sugar candy combined with a dash of hot sour sauce! Want to know more? Check out this most delightful Chinese sugar plum as she dreams of nothing less than finding true love with a kind hearted western gentleman that likes a little sweet and sour loving Chinese enchantment! Go on— it doesn’t hurt to take a look!