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Happy Wife, happy Life. How to make female Asian singles happy?

Happy wife, happy life! You may be even happier if she is a Vietnamese lady who wants to help you fulfill your dreams as well as hers!  The children will be beautiful and respectful, intelligent, and a joy to be around!  Your wife may also have that special, international sense of flair and fun that many Asian singles have, coupled with a delightful sense of humor and sweet demeanor.

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Use your experience

If she’s young, use your experience as an older (and wiser) man to show her that real men pay attention to the women they date.  Look her in the eyes when you converse.  Smile and make jokes.  Don’t be afraid to take the lead, but don’t mimic “fatherly” mannerisms, either.  She is, after all, a woman—she’s just younger than you.  Be a gentlemen and impress her with your knowledge, your humor, and a gentleman’s manners.

Give her unforgettable experiences

Many younger women prefer men with all kinds of experience, whether it is in business, bed, or life in general.  Teach her things that she may not have known and give her unforgettable trips or experiences that younger men may not appreciate yet.  It’s no secret that many women mature faster than their male counterparts, and some young women are choosy, according to many single dating websites, they choose older men for their wit, intellect, and life experiences, which they may not get with their age mates.  Show her how truly sophisticated and experienced you are by taking her on once-in-a-lifetime trips, taking in cultural experiences, and showing her that your international flair and intelligence has given you more than just knowledge.  Older men are often well-traveled and well-versed, so use your age and experience to your advantage and wow her every step of the way.

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Give her little gifts or surprises 

All women want to be treated as if they are the only woman on earth, or as the only girl in the world.  Beautiful Vietnamese women not only want and deserve this same courtesy, but they are appreciative and always pleasantly surprised when this happens.  Does she like flowers?  What is her favorite flower?  Send her an entire bouquet of her favorite flowers, with a little note to let her know you are thinking of her, and just want to make her smile.  Small tokens of appreciation are always appreciated and cherished.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the surprise should always be a nice one when dating a Vietnamese girl.

Great Intimacy

This is another area in which an older man’s experience is given free license to shine forth.  If she is much younger than you are, then you will love the sex.  She may be inexperienced, but many older men, with their patience, wisdom, and desire to find out what a woman wants and how to please her, will love pleasing their beautiful Vietnamese girlfriend. Many younger women have not had much sexual experiences, or they have been unpleasant or upsetting.  So long as you are gentle and patient, the sex will be beneficial to both of you, and deepen the special connection you had upon meeting one another for the first time.

Older men don’t play games the way their younger counterparts do, so when single women dating mature men they will appreciate honesty, integrity, and the fact that you know how to make her feel good, and you know what you’re doing.  Older men also know how to “read” a woman’s physical signals without her having to point it out or be obvious about things, and older men don’t mind sharing their prowess and wisdom with their less-than-experienced younger women.  Show her how much fun and how loving and gentle your lovemaking is.  You both deserve it!

Be helpful, but not pushy

You should act as her lover, not her father.  Sometimes lovers still need to do things like take out garbage, help around the house or apartment,  and every woman appreciates these efforts.  Many men come to the international dating free sites looking for Asian girlfriends because they think Asian women are better at housekeeping. In fact some younger women really do need some extra help when it comes to managing their homes.  This is yet another area where you can show you care. When it comes to online dating for singles in many Asian countries, people think they are desperate. Be supportive for your young Asian partners when she needs to get her back. This is the quality that only mature men have.