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Here’s Your Chance to Date Olivia Munn, Shay Mitchell and Other Asian Beauties

Have you ever fantasized about dating or even marrying and spending your whole life with Olivia Munn, Kate Beckinsale or Shay Mitchell? Then you might want to check this out.

Do you know what both Kate Beckinsale and Shay Mitchell have in common? Answer: they are both of South Asian descent.

In fact, there are quite a few Hollywood ladies who you didn’t know are of Asian descent.

Shay Mitchell is mixed Filipino, Irish and Scottish. If you’re wondering how to date a filipina girl, better ask Mitchell!

The Pretty Little Liars actress regularly interacts with her fans on Twitter, which is your unique chance to let her give you a reason or two to start dating filipino hot girls.

Imagine if you ever get a response from Mitchell – it can be your shortcut way to getany Filipino girl to like you, since virtually all filippine girls are huge fans of Mitchell!filipino hot girlsMaggie Q is of Vietnamese descent and is best known for her roles in CW’s Nikita and the Divergent Maggie Q is a badass actress, as she does all of her stunts by herself!

Maggie Q is basically one of those vietnam hot babes that you would absolutely love to date. The actress is a mix of it all: pretty face, stunning body, intelligence and that mysterious sexiness that all vitnamese girls have.

Maggie Q does have a Twitter account, too. You know the drill, fellas.

vietnam hot babes Kate Beckinsaleis of Burmese heritage and is one of those Hollywood stars that people had no idea are Asian.

Just like Maggie Q, Beckinsale is a total badass onscreen. Beckinsale can slay werewolves, she can kick asses of men who are much bigger than her, but most importantly she always seem to maintain that femininity and grace that all exotic asian women have.

exotic asian womenOlivia Munnis of Chinese descent. You have seen this gorgeous Asian lady from different films like X-Men: Apocalypse, Ride Along 2 and Magic Mike.

Munn, who has smoldering looks and sexy body, started out as a journalist before her acting career. Although latest rumors suggest that the actress is engaged to her long-time partner, there are thousands of women just as sexy as Olivia Munn you can find on dating websites!

In fact, you’d be surprised how many Asian women looking to marry american men are outthere on dating sites.women looking to marry american menChrissy Teigenis a gorgeous Thai girl. The model, who has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue multiple times, has revealed her nipples numerous times on public recently.

While we’re definitely encouraging you to go google oriental women pics and pics of Teigen’s nip slips, don’t forget that you can find beautiful Thai girls just like Teigen on onlinedating websites.oriental women pics

Note: Teigen is happily married to singer John Legend and recently gave birth to their first daughter. But be sure that there are thousands of single Thai ladies out there seeking foreign men!

If you think these 5 Hollywood beauties of Asian descent are the only women you’d absolutely love to date, then we have great news for you.

There are hundreds of thousands of single nice asian women – just like Munn, Beckinsale and Mitchell – out there looking for a guy like you on dating websites.

And here’s the best part: every one of them is just as beautiful, smart and sexy as those gorgeous Hollywood stars.

So you can find your own Shay Mitchell or Maggie Q and make other men totally envy that such a beautiful Asian lady is shining like a diamond by your side.